Translation of "alarm" - English-French dictionary


noun alarm /əˈlɑrm/
countable a device that wakes you up
réveil masculine

The alarm went off at 6:00 a.m.
Le réveil a sonné à 6 heures du matin.

Did you set the alarm?
Est-ce que tu as mis le réveil ?
countable a device that warns you of smoke or fire
alarme feminine , alerte feminine

a smoke/fire alarm
une alarme incendie
uncountable a strong feeling of worry and panic
alarme feminine , inquiétude feminine

"Where's my daughter?" she screamed in alarm.
"Où est ma fille ?", cria-t-elle alarmée.
raise/sound the alarm
to warn people
donner/sonner l'alarme

the first newspaper to raise the alarm about the problem
le premier journal à sonner l'alarme au sujet de ce problème


verb transitive alarm /əˈlɑrm/
to cause great worry
alarmer , inquiéter

Falling share prices alarmed investors.
La chute du prix des actions inquiète les investisseurs.

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noun /əˈlaːm/

something that gives warning of danger, attracts attention etc

alerte; réveil (-matin)
Sound the alarm!
a fire-alarm
(also adjective) an alarm clock.

sudden fear

We did not share her alarm at the suggestion.
alarming adjective

disturbing or causing fear

We had some alarming news about Bob. Apparently, he is seriously ill.
alarmingly adverb

de façon alarmante

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