Translation of "appreciate" - English-French dictionary


verbappreciate /əˈpriʃiˌeɪt/
transitive to be grateful for and value sth
apprécier , être reconnaissant/-ante de

Thanks, I appreciate your help.
Merci, je vous suis reconnaissant de votre aide.

He doesn't appreciate her.
Il ne l'apprécie pas.
transitive to realize and understand
se rendre compte de/que , être conscient/-ente de

We appreciate how difficult it is.
Nous nous sommes rendu compte combien c'est difficile.

I appreciate that you are busy.
Je me rends compte que tu es très occupé.
intransitive ≠depreciate; to increase in value
prendre de la valeur

House prices are appreciating.
Les prix des maisons sont en hausse.

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verb /əˈpriːʃieit/

to be grateful for (something)

être reconnaissant (de)
I appreciate all your hard work.

to value (someone or something) highly

apprécier (à sa juste valeur)
Mothers are very often not appreciated.

understand; to be aware of

se rendre (bien) compte de
I appreciate your difficulties but I cannot help.

to increase in value

prendre de la valeur
My house has appreciated (in value) considerably over the last ten years.
appreciable /-ʃəbl/ adjective

noticeable; considerable

There has been an appreciable increase in house prices.
appreciably /-ʃəbli/ adverb

appreciation noun


I wish to show my appreciation for everything which you have done.

the state of valuing or understanding something

sensibilité (à)
He has gained a deep appreciation of poetry.

the state of being aware of something

idée (de)
He has no appreciation of our difficulties.

a written article etc which describes the qualities of something

Sheila is writing an appreciation of the new book.
appreciative /-ʃətiv/ adjective

giving due thanks or praise; grateful

an appreciative audience.
appreciatively adverb

avec appréciation

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