Translation of "approve" - English-French dictionary


verbapprove /əˈpruv/
intransitive ≠disapprove; to consider sb or sth good
approuver , apprécier

We approve of the changes being made.
Nous approuvons les changements apportés.

Dad didn't approve of Karl.
Père n'a pas apprécié Karl.
transitive ≠reject; to officially accept

to approve their applications for visas
donner une suite favorable à leur demande de visas

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verb /əˈpruːv/

(often with of) to be pleased with or think well of (a person, thing etc)

I approve of your decision.

to agree to (something)

The committee approved the plan.
approval noun

the act or state of agreeing to or being pleased with (a person, thing etc)

This proposal meets with my approval.
on approval

to be sent or given back to a shop etc if not satisfactory

sous condition
She bought two dresses on approval.

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