Translation of "attack" - English-French dictionary


verbattack /əˈtæk/
transitive-intransitive ≠defend; to try to physically harm
attaquer , agresser

Soldiers attacked in the night.
Les soldats ont attaqué la nuit.

He started attacking them with a knife.
Il s'est mis à les agresser avec un couteau.
transitive ≠defend; to criticize or blame harshly
être l'objet d'attaques / de critiques virulentes

Police were attacked in the press for failing to catch the killer.
La police a été l'objet de critiques virulentes de la part de la presse pour avoir échoué à attraper le tueur.
transitive to cause disease or harm to the body

The virus attacks the immune system.
Le virus attaque le système immunitaire.


nounattack /əˈtæk/
countable-uncountable an attempt to physically harm
attaque feminine , attentat masculine

a terrorist attack
un attentat terroriste

violent attacks on neighboring villages
de violentes attaques contre les villages voisins
under attack
being attacked

The capital was under attack.
La capitale était attaquée.
countable a harsh criticism or blame
attaque feminine / critique feminine virulente

political attacks against the candidates
des attaques politiques virulentes contre les candidats
countable a sudden short period of illness
crise feminine , accès masculine

an attack of the flu
un accès de grippe

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verb /əˈtӕk/

to make a sudden, violent attempt to hurt or damage

He attacked me with a knife
The village was attacked from the air.

to speak or write against

The Prime Minister’s policy was attacked in the newspapers.

(in games) to attempt to score a goal.

Real Madrid were attacking the Barcelona goal.

to make a vigorous start on

s’attaquer à
It’s time we attacked that pile of work.



a sudden bout of illness

crise, attaque
heart attack
an attack of ’flu.

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