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adverbback /bæk/
toward the rear or away from
en arrière

to step back from the edge
reculer du bord

to sit/lie back
se rasseoir / recoucher
indicates a return to a previous state or position
de retour à

Put it back where it belongs.
Remets-le à sa place.

She nursed him back to good health.
Elle l'a soigné jusqu'à ce qu'il recouvre la santé.

When will you be back home?
Quand rentres-tu ?
in a reply
en retour

Write back soon.
Réponds-moi bientôt.

Call me back tomorrow.
Appelle-moi demain.
in or into the past
passé/-ée (adj)

back in 1964
(à l'époque,) en 1964

thinking back to his childhood
se rappelant son enfance


noun countableback /bæk/
the part of the body between the neck and buttocks
dos masculine

to lie on your back
s'allonger / être allongé sur le dos
the part away from the front
dos masculine , fond masculine , arrière masculine

in the back of the room
au fond de la pièce

on the back of the book
au dos du livre

This last piece fits in the back.
Cette dernière pièce va à l'arrière.
out back
at the rear of a house

a beautiful yard out back
un beau jardin à l'arrière de la maison
in back of
à l'arrière de , derrière

boxes sitting in back of the door
des caisses restant derrière la porte
have your back to the wall
to be in a situation that is difficult to get out of
être dos au mur

We had our backs to the wall early in the negotiations.
Nous étions dos au mur depuis le début des négociations.
in the back of your mind
bothering you slightly when you think of it

In the back of my mind, I knew something was missing.
Je sentais confusément qu'il manquait quelque chose.
on sb's back
informal constantly reminding or criticizing sb
sur le dos de qqn

My manager is always on my back.
J'ai toujours mon patron sur le dos.
when sb's back is turned
when sb is not there to hear
quand qqn a le dos tourné

I know you talk about me when my back is turned.
Je sais que vous parlez de moi quand j'ai le dos tourné.


adjectiveback /bæk/ (always before n)
away from the front
arrière (inv) , du fond , de derrière

the back pockets of his jeans
les poches arrière de son jean

in the back row of seats
dans le rang du fond
from earlier

back pay
paiement d'arriérés


verbback /bæk/
transitive to give support to

Many celebrities are backing the project.
De nombreuses célébrités ont soutenu le projet.
transitive-intransitive to move backward

to back the car out of the driveway
sortir de l'allée en marche arrière

He backed slowly away from the dog.
Il s'éloigna lentement du chien à reculons.
transitive to bet money on
parier/miser sur

to back the winning horse
parier/miser sur le cheval gagnant

back down

verb phrasal back down [ ˈbæk ˈdaʊn ]
to withdraw from an argument
revenir sur sa position

Both sides had backed down.
Les deux camps sont revenus sur leur position.

back off

verb phrasal back off [ ˈbæk ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to stop attacking or criticizing
abandonner , laisser tranquille

Just back off and leave him alone!
Laisse-le tranquille !

back out

verb phrasal back out [ ˈbæk ˈaʊt ]
to decide not to do sth you had agreed to do
se désister

to back out at the last minute
se désister à la dernière minute

back up

verb phrasal back up [ ˈbæk ˈʌp ]
to move backward
reculer , faire marche arrière

Everyone please back up a little.
Reculez tous un peu, je vous prie.

to back the car up
rouler en marche arrière
to support by saying or showing sth is true
soutenir , confirmer

He backed me up in the argument.
Il m'a soutenu dans la discussion.

The evidence backs up what she's saying.
Les preuves confirment ce qu'elle dit.
to make a copy of information on the computer

Ensure the data is backed up.
Assurez-vous que les données sont sauvegardées.

Back up before you turn off the computer.
Sauvegardez avant d'éteindre l'ordinateur.

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noun /bӕk/

in man, the part of the body from the neck to the bottom of the spine

She lay on her back.

in animals, the upper part of the body

She put the saddle on the horse’s back.

that part of anything opposite to or furthest from the front

the back of the house
She sat at the back of the hall.

in soccer, hockey etc a player who plays behind the forwards.

backer noun

a person who supports someone or something, especially with money

She needs backers for a new business venture.
backbite verb

to criticize a person when he is not present.

médire de
backbiting noun

Constant backbiting by her colleagues led to her resignation.
backbone noun

the spine

colonne vertébrale, épine dorsale
the backbone of a fish.

the chief support

These players will continue to form the backbone of the team.
backbreaking adjective

(of a task etc) very difficult or requiring very hard work

Digging the garden is a backbreaking job.
backdate verb

to put an earlier date on (a cheque etc)

He should have paid his bill last month and so he has backdated the cheque.

to make payable from a date in the past

payer rétroactivement
Our rise in pay was backdated to April.
backfire verb

(of a plan etc) to have unexpected results, often opposite to the intended results

His scheme backfired (on him), and he lost money.

(of a motor-car etc) to make a loud bang because of unburnt gases in the exhaust system

avoir un retour de flamme
The car backfired.
background noun

the space behind the principal or most important figures or objects of a picture etc

He always paints ships against a background of stormy skies
She had drawn some trees in the background of the picture.

happenings that go before, and help to explain, an event etc

He explained the background of the current situation.

a person’s origins, education etc

She was ashamed of her humble background.
backhand noun

in tennis etc, a stroke or shot with the back of one’s hand turned towards the ball

a clever backhand
His backhand is very strong.

writing with the letters sloping backwards

écriture penchée à gauche
I can always recognize her backhand.
backlog noun

a pile of uncompleted work etc which has collected

A backlog of orders had built up because of the strike.
back number noun

an out-of-date copy or issue of a magazine etc

vieux numéro
He collects back numbers of music magazines.
backpack noun

(especially American) a bag that walkers, people who go on trips, or students carry on their backs.

sac à dos
backpacking: go backpacking

to go on trips or go camping carrying a backpack.

voyager sac au dos
They went backpacking around Europe.
backpacker noun

backside noun

the bottom or buttocks

He sits on his backside all day long doing nothing.
backslash noun

the sign (\).

barre oblique inverse
backstroke noun

in swimming, a stroke made when lying on one’s back in the water

nage sur le dos
Tina is good at backstroke.
backup noun

additional people who provide help when it is needed

The police officer requested some backup when the shooting began.

a copy of a computer file that can be used in case the original is destroyed.

You should always make a backup of the file you are working on.

(also adjective ) a piece of equipment, a system etc that can be used when there is a problem with the original one

a backup plan
We have a backup generator in case the power fails.
backwash noun

a backward current eg that following a ship’s passage through the water

the backwash of the steamer.

the unintentional results of an action, situation etc

The backwash of the company’s financial troubles affected several other smaller businesses.
backwater noun

a stretch of river not in the main stream.

bras de décharge, bras mort

a place not affected by what is happening in the world outside

coin tranquille
That village is a quiet backwater with few visitors.
backyard noun

(especially American ) a garden at the back of a house etc

He grows vegetables in his backyard.
back down

to give up one’s opinion, claim etc

reculer (devant)
She backed down in the face of strong opposition.
back of

(American) behind

He parked back of the store.
back on to

(of a building etc) to have its back next to (something)

donner (par derrière) sur
My house backs on to the racecourse.
back out

to move out backwards

sortir en marche arrière, à reculons
He opened the garage door and backed (his car) out.

to withdraw from a promise etc

(se) dérober
You promised to help – you mustn’t back out now!
back up

to support or encourage

The new evidence backs up my arguments
Would you be willing to back me up if I put the suggestion to the boss?

to make a copy of the information stored on the computer or disk.

have one’s back to the wall

to be in a very difficult or desperate situation

être au pied du mur
He certainly has his back to the wall as he has lost his job and cannot find another one.
put someone’s back up

to anger someone

irriter qqn
He put my back up with his boasting.
take a back seat

to take an unimportant position

At these discussions, he always takes a back seat and listens to others talking.



away (from something); not near (something)

en arrière
Move back! Let the ambulance get to the injured man
Keep back from me or I’ll hit you!

towards the back (of something)

en arrière
Ted was sitting back in his chair.

in return; in response to

en retour
When the teacher is telling you off, don’t answer back.

to, or in, the past

en arrière
Think back to your childhood.



to help or support

Will you back me against the others?

to bet or gamble on

miser sur
I backed your horse to win.

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