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verb transitivebring /brɪŋ/ ( pt pp brought )
to have sth or sb with you when you come
person: amener , object: apporter

Bring your swimsuit.
Apporte ton maillot de bain.

She brought me some chocolate.
Elle m'a apporté des chocolats.
to make sth come to a place
amener , faire venir

The industry has brought people to the city.
Cette activité économique a fait venir des gens dans la ville.

March usually brings rain.
En général, marcher fait venir la pluie.
to result in a new total of

We added another ten, bringing the number to 104.
Nous avons encore ajouté dix, amenant le nombre à 104.
bring to an end/a close
to stop sth
mettre fin / un terme

to bring an end to the use of torture
mettre fin / un terme à l'usage de la torture
can't/couldn't bring yourself to do sth
indicates sth is too unpleasant to do
ne pouvoir se résoudre à

I couldn't bring myself to say he was dead.
Je ne pouvais pas me résoudre à dire qu'il était mort.

bring about

verb phrasal bring about [ ˈbrɪŋ əˈbaʊt ]
to cause or produce
provoquer , entraîner

to bring about change/improvements
entraîner des changements/améliorations

bring along

verb phrasal bring along [ ˈbrɪŋ əˈlɔŋ, əˈlɒŋ ]
to have sth or sb with you when you come

Bring a friend along to the party.
Amène un ami à la soirée.

bring around

verb phrasal bring around [ ˈbrɪŋ əˈraʊnd ]
to have sth or sb with you when you come to sb's house
amener à qqn

I'll bring the books around tomorrow.
Je t'amènerai ces livres demain.
to persuade sb to agree
convaincre , amener qqn à croire

Greg managed to bring him around to the idea.
Greg a réussi à lui faire partager cette idée.
to make an unconscious person conscious
faire revenir à soi

We tried to bring her around.
Nous avons essayé de la faire revenir à elle.

bring back

verb phrasal bring back [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈbæk ]
to make sb remember

to bring back memories
rappeler des souvenirs
to return from a place with sth

to bring souvenirs back from a vacation
ramener des souvenirs de vacances

brought back two new books
a ramené deux nouveaux livres

bring down

verb phrasal bring down [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈdaʊn ]
to make sb or sth lose power
mettre à bas , renverser

to bring down the government
renverser le gouvernement
to reduce the level
faire baisser/diminuer

to bring down the price
faire baisser le prix

The rain brought temperatures down.
La pluie a fait baisser les températures.
to make sth fall to the ground

High winds brought down power cables.
Les grands vents ont abattu des câbles électriques.

bring in

verb phrasal bring in [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈɪn ]
to start or introduce a new system or law

to bring in new security checks at airports
introduire de nouveaux contrôles de sécurité aux aéroports
to make money

an art sale that brought in millions
une vente d'art qui a rapporté des millions
to involve or include in an activity
faire intervenir

Dogs were brought in to help in the search.
On a fait intervenir des chiens pour aider dans les recherches.

bring on

verb phrasal bring on [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to cause or produce

Loud music can bring on a headache.
La musique forte peut provoquer un mal de tête.

bring up

verb phrasal bring up [ ˈbrɪŋ ʌp ]
to care for a child as they grow up

We were brought up to be polite.
On nous a appris à être polis.
to mention or introduce a subject

to bring up the issue/problem/question of money
aborder la question / le problème / la question de l'argent

bring out

verb phrasal bring out [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈaʊt ]
=highlight; to reveal a quality
faire ressortir

She seems to bring out the best in him.
Elle semble faire ressortir ce qu'il y a de mieux en lui.
=release; to put new product on sale

They bring out the new model next month.
Ils lancent le nouveau modèle le mois prochain.

bring round

verb phrasal bring round [ ˈbrɪŋ ˈraʊnd ] Brit
to bring around
convaincre , amener à croire faire revenir à soi
; see also bring around

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verb /briŋ/ (past tense, past participle brought /broːt/)

to make (something or someone) come (to or towards a place)

apporter (qqch.); amener (qqn)
I’ll bring plenty of food with me
Bring him to me!

to result in

This medicine will bring you relief.
bring about

to cause

His disregard for danger brought about his death.
bring back

to (cause to) return

rapporter, rappeler
She brought back the umbrella she had borrowed
Her singing brings back memories of my mother.
bring down

to cause to fall

The storm brought all the trees down.
bring home to

to prove or show (something) clearly to (someone)

(bien) faire comprendre (à)
His illness brought home to her how much she depended on him.
bring off

to achieve (something attempted)

réussir, remporter
They brought off an unexpected victory.
bring round

to bring back from unconsciousness

The fresh air brought him round after he had fainted.
bring up

to rear or educate

Her parents brought her up to be polite.

to introduce (a matter) for discussion

Bring the matter up at the next meeting.
bring towards the speaker: Mary, bring me some coffee. take away from the speaker: Take these cups away. fetch from somewhere else and bring to the speaker: Fetch me my book from the bedroom.

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