Translation of "cake" - English-French dictionary


noun cake /keɪk/
countable-uncountable a baked dessert made from flour, eggs, butter, sugar, etc.
gâteau masculine

a birthday cake
un gâteau d'anniversaire

a chocolate/vanilla/carrot cake
un gâteau au chocolat / à la vanille/carotte

a cake pan
un moule à gâteau
countable a mixture of ground meats or vegetables, fried or baked in the shape of a circle
galette feminine

crab cakes
galettes de crabe

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noun /keik/

a food made by baking a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar etc

a piece of cake
a plate of cream cakes
a Christmas cake.

a piece of other food pressed into shape

croquette, galette d’avoine

a flattened hard mass

a cake of soap.

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