Translation of "carry" - English-French dictionary


verb /ˈkӕri/

to take from one place etc to another

She carried the child over the river
Flies carry disease.

to go from one place to another

Sound carries better over water.

to support

These stone columns carry the weight of the whole building.

to have or hold

This job carries great responsibility.

to approve (a bill etc) by a majority of votes

voter, faire passer
The parliamentary bill was carried by forty-two votes.

to hold (oneself) in a certain way

avoir le port/maintien de
He carries himself like a soldier.
carry-all noun

(American) a hold-all.

carry-cot noun

(American portacrib®) a small bed, like a basket, with handles for carrying a baby.

be/get carried away

to be overcome by one’s feelings

être emporté
She was/got carried away by the excitement.
carry forward

to add on (a number from one column of figures to the next)

I forgot to carry the 2 forward.
carry off

to take away by carrying

She carried off the screaming child.
carry on

to continue

You must carry on working
Carry on with your work.

to manage (a business etc)

He carries on a business as a grocer.
carry-on /ˈkari-on/ noun

(slang) a fuss; excited behaviour.

carry out

to accomplish

mener à bien
He carried out the plan.
carry weight

to have influence

His opinion carries a lot of weight around here.

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