Translation of "change" - English-French dictionary


verbchange /tʃeɪndʒ/
transitive-intransitive =alter; to become or make different

He's really changed since I last saw him.
Il a vraiment changé depuis la dernière fois où je l'ai vu.

I'm not going to change my opinion.
Je ne vais pas changer d'avis.

leaves that change from green to orange in the fall
des feuilles qui passent du vert à l'orange en automne
change your mind
to make a new decision
changer d'avis

I keep changing my mind about which one to buy.
Je n'arrête pas de changer d'avis pour savoir lequel acheter.
transitive-intransitive to stop doing or using sth in order to do sth else
changer de

to change from one school to another
passer d'une école à une autre

I changed banks.
J'ai changé de banque.
change the subject
to talk about sth different
changer de sujet

She quickly changed the subject.
Elle a rapidement changé de sujet.
transitive-intransitive to put on different clothes
(se) changer

to change for dinner
se changer pour le dîner

to change clothes
changer de vêtements

I'll change into/out of my boots.
J'ai mis/enlevé mes bottes.
get changed
se changer

two minutes to get changed between scenes
deux minutes pour se changer entre les scènes
transitive to move from one vehicle to another during a journey

to change planes in Hong Kong
changer d'avion à Hong Kong
transitive to exchange money

to change euros into dollars
changer des euros en dollars
transitive Brit to exchange goods you bought

I'd like to change this for the blue one.
J'aimerais l'échanger contre le bleu.

change into

verb phrasal change into [ ˈtʃeɪndʒ ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə ]
=become; to become a different thing
se transformer

an affection that gradually changed into real love
une affection qui s'est progressivement transformée en amour véritable

change over

verb phrasal change over [ ˈtʃeɪndʒ ˈoʊvər ]
to replace one thing with another
passer (de ...) à ...

to change over to wireless technology
passer à la technologie sans fil


nounchange /tʃeɪndʒ/
countable-uncountable =alteration; =modification; the act or result of changing
changement masculine , modification feminine

changes in weather patterns
des changements dans les tendances climatiques

no change in her condition
aucun changement de son état

to make some changes to the house
faire quelques modifications à la maison
countable the replacement of one thing with another
changement masculine , échange masculine

a change of clothing/clothes/socks
un changement de vêtements/chaussettes

to make the change from communism to capitalism
passer du communisme au capitalisme
uncountable money given back when you pay more than the cost of the item
monnaie feminine

Give her $10 and you should get $3 change.
Donne-lui 10 $ et elle devrait te rendre 3 $.

Keep the change.
Gardez la monnaie.
uncountable money in coins not bills
liquide masculine , espèces feminine plural

Do you have any change?
Avez-vous du liquide / des espèces ?
small change
low value coins
petite monnaie feminine

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verb /tʃeindʒ/

to make or become different

They have changed the time of the train
He has changed since I saw him last.

to give or leave (one thing etc for another)

She changed my library books for me.

(sometimes with into) to remove (clothes etc) and replace them by clean or different ones

(se) changer, mettre
I’m just going to change (my shirt)
I’ll change into an old pair of trousers.

(with into) to make into or become (something different)

(se) changer (en)
The prince was changed into a frog.

to give or receive (one kind of money for another)

Could you change this bank-note for cash?
changeable adjective

changing often; liable to change often

changeable moods.
change hands

to pass into different ownership

changer de main
This car has changed hands three times.
a change of heart

a change in attitude.

changement d’avis
change one’s mind

to alter one’s intention or opinion (about something)

changer d’avis
He was going to go to France but he changed his mind.
for a change

to be different; for variety

pour changer
We’re tired of the car, so we’ll walk for a change.



an instance of this

a change in the programme.

a substitution of one thing for another

a change of clothes.

coins rather than paper money

I’ll have to give you a note – I have no change.

money left over or given back from the amount given in payment

He paid with a dollar and got 20 cents change.

a holiday, rest etc

He has been ill – the change will do him good.

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