Translation of "clue" - English-French dictionary


noun countableclue /klu/
information that helps solve a crime or a problem
indication feminine , indice masculine

Police are looking for clues.
Les policiers recherchent des indices.

The letter gave me a clue to his reasons.
La lettre m'a éclairé sur ses motivations.

a crossword clue
une définition de mots-croisés
not have a clue
informal to not know or understand
ne pas avoir la moindre idée

I don't have a clue how to cook lobster.
Je n'ai pas la moindre idée de la manière de faire cuire un homard.

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noun /kluː/

anything that helps to solve a mystery, puzzle etc

The car number was a clue to the identity of the murderer
I can’t answer the second clue in this crossword.
clueless adjective

(of a person) stupid

He’s quite clueless about art.
not to have a clue

to be ignorant

n’avoir pas la moindre idée (de)
‘How does that work?’ ‘I haven’t a clue.’

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