Translation of "cold" - English-French dictionary


adjectivecold /koʊld/
≠hot, warm; not warm

a cold winter's day
une froide journée d'hiver

It's getting cold in here.
Il commence à faire froid ici.
freezing cold
very cold

to swim in the freezing cold lake
nager dans le lac gelé
≠warm, friendly; unfriendly or unkind

a cold, uncaring man
un homme glacial, insensible

her cold gaze
son regard glacial
get cold feet
to become too scared to do sth
prendre peur

He got cold feet and decided not to get married.
Il a pris peur et a décidé de ne pas se marier.
in cold blood
in an extremely cruel and emotionless way
de sang-froid

children murdered in cold blood
des enfants assassinés de sang-froid


nouncold /koʊld/
countable a common illness causing coughing and a blocked nose
rhume masculine

to catch a cold
attraper un rhume

He's got a bad/heavy cold.
Il a un mauvais/gros rhume.
uncountable a low temperature
froid masculine

exposure to extreme cold
exposition au froid extrême

Come inside and get out of the cold.
Viens à l'intérieur et ne reste pas dans ce froid.


adverb cold [ koʊld ]
without preparation
à brûle-pourpoint

I went into the interview cold.
J'ai commencé l'entretien à brûle-pourpoint.

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adjective /kəuld/

low in temperature

cold water
cold meat and salad.

lower in temperature than is comfortable

I feel cold.


His manner was cold.
coldly adverb

in an unfriendly way

She looked at me coldly.
coldness noun

cold-blooded adjective

having blood (like that of a fish) which takes the same temperature as the surroundings of the body

à sang froid
cold-blooded creatures.

cruel and unfeeling

sans pitié
cold-blooded murder.
cold war

a major, especially political, struggle between nations which involves military threats but not fighting.

guerre froide
get cold feet

to lose courage

se dégonfler
I was going to apply for the job but I got cold feet.
give (someone) the cold shoulder verb (also coldshoulder)

to show that one is unwilling to be friendly with (a person)

se montrer froid envers qqn
All the neighbours gave her the cold shoulder
He cold-shouldered all his sister’s friends.
in cold blood

deliberately and unemotionally

de sang-froid
He killed them in cold blood.



an illness with running nose, coughing etc

He has a bad cold
She has caught a cold
You might catch cold.

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