Translation of "collapse" - English-French dictionary


verb intransitivecollapse /kəˈlæps/
(of person) to fall down and lose consciousness
s'évanouir , perdre connaissance

He collapsed and died the next day.
il a perdu connaissance et il est mort le jour suivant.
(of building or structure) to fall down
s'effondrer , s'écrouler

The mine walls had collapsed.
Les parois de la mine se sont effondrées/écroulées.
(of process or system) to fail
s'effondrer , échouer

a regime that is collapsing
un régime qui s'effondre

Peace talks soon collapsed.
Les pourparlers de paix ont tôt fait d'échouer.


noun countable-uncountable
effondrement masculine , chute feminine , faillite feminine , perte feminine de connaissance , échec masculine

his sudden collapse
son effondrement soudain / sa faillite soudaine

the collapse of the dictatorship
la chute de la dictature

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verb /kəˈlӕps/

to fall down and break into pieces

The bridge collapsed under the weight of the traffic.

(of a person) to fall down especially unconscious, because of illness, shock etc

She collapsed with a heart attack.

to break down, fail

The talks between the two countries have collapsed.

to fold up or to (cause to) come to pieces (intentionally)

se plier
Do these chairs collapse?
collapsible adjective

able to be folded up etc

These chairs are collapsible.

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