Translation of "counter" - English-French dictionary


noun countable counter /ˈkaʊntər/
a flat surface in business where customers are served
comptoir masculine

the deli counter
le comptoir du traiteur
a flat work surface in kitchen
plan masculine de travail

the marble kitchen counters
les plans de travail en marbre
over the counter
(of a medical drug) possible to buy without a doctor's prescription
vendu/-ue sans ordonnance

over-the-counter drugs
médicaments sans ordonnance

a medicine available over the counter
un médicament disponible sans ordonnance

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adverb /ˈkauntə/

(with to) in the opposite direction or manner to

à l’encontre de
The election is running counter to the forecasts.

against or opposite



noun /ˈkauntə/

a kind of table or surface on which goods are laid

Can you get me some sweets from the confectionery counter?

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