Translation of "cure" - English-French dictionary


noun countable cure /kyʊər/
a method or medicine that makes an illness better
remède masculine

a cure for cancer
un remède pour le cancer
a solution to a problem
remède masculine , solution feminine

a cure for the company's financial problems
un remède / une solution aux problèmes financiers de l'entreprise


verb cure /kyʊər/
transitive to make an illness or person better

Can a genetic disease be cured?
Une maladie génétique peut-elle être guérie ?

They claim to have cured several people of cancer.
Ils affirment avoir guéri plusieurs personnes du cancer.
transitive to solve a problem
remédier à

ways of curing employee burnout
des moyens de remédier à l'épuisement des employés
transitive-intransitive to preserve food or plants
(faire) saler/sécher

instructions for curing ham
des indications pour saler le jambon

Wait for the wood to cure.
Attendez que le bois sèche.

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verb /kjuə/

to make better

That medicine cured me
That will cure him of his bad habits.

to get rid of (an illness etc)

That pill cured my headache.

to preserve (bacon etc) by drying, salting etc.

sécher; saler; fumer
curable adjective

able to be cured

a curable form of cancer.
curative /ˈkjuərətiv/ adjective

intended to, or likely to, cure

curative treatment.

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