Translation of "deal" - English-French dictionary


noun /diːl/

a bargain or arrangement

marché, affaire
a business deal.

the act of dividing cards among players in a card game.

dealer noun

a person who buys and sells

a dealer in antiques.

the person who distributes the cards in a card game.

dealing noun

(usually in plural ) contact (often in business), bargaining, agreement etc made (between two or more people or groups)

relations, transactions
fair/honest dealing
dealing on the Stock Market
I have no dealings with him.
deal with

to be concerned with

traiter de
This book deals with methods of teaching English.

to take action about, especially in order to solve a problem, get rid of a person, complete a piece of business etc

s’occuper de
She deals with all the customer inquiries.
a good deal / a great deal

much or a lot

They made a good deal of noise
She spent a great deal of money on furnishing her apartment.

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