Translation of "deck" - English-French dictionary


noun countable deck /dɛk/
a raised wooden outdoor floor without a roof, attached to the back of a house
véranda feminine

Put the chairs on the back deck.
Mets les chaises sur la véranda à l'arrière de la maison.
the outside floor of a ship
pont masculine

the upper deck of the ship
le pont supérieur du navire
( deck of cards,) a set of playing cards
jeu masculine de cartes

She shuffled the deck twice.
Elle battit deux fois les cartes.

(Translation of “deck” from the GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


noun /dek/

a platform extending from one side of a ship etc to the other and forming the floor

The cars are carried on the lower deck of the ferry.

a floor in a bus

Let’s go on the top deck.

a pack of playing-cards

deckchair noun

a light collapsible chair

They were sitting in deckchairs on the beach.

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