Translation of "degree" - English-French dictionary


noundegree /dɪˈgri/
countable a document that shows sb has completed their studies at a college or university
diplôme masculine , licence feminine

a degree in Education from the University of Illinois
une licence en sciences de l'éducation de l'université de l'Illinois

a Business degree
un diplôme de commerce
countable Brit a university or college course
diplôme masculine

She's doing a degree in Physics.
Elle prépare un diplôme de physique.
uncountable the level or amount of sth
degré masculine

We expect some degree of cooperation from everyone.
Nous comptons sur un certain degré de coopération de la part de chacun.

a high degree of skill
beaucoup de talent
to some degree/to a certain degree
partly or a little
dans une certaine mesure

It has improved to a certain degree.
Ça s'est amélioré dans une certaine mesure.
first degree/second degree etc.
indicates how serious sth is
au premier/second degré etc.

first degree murder charges
une inculpation de meurtre au premier degré

third degree burns
des brûlures au troisième degré
countable a unit for measuring temperature
degré masculine

It's 67 degrees and sunny.
Il fait 20 degrés et il y a du soleil.

20 degrees (20º) Celsius/Fahrenheit
20 degrés (20º) Celsius/Fahrenheit
countable a unit for measuring angles
degré masculine

a forty-five degree (45º) angle
un angle à 45 degrés (45º)

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noun /diˈɡriː/

(an) amount or extent

There is still a degree of uncertainty
This job requires a high degree of skill.

a unit of temperature

20° (= 20 degrees) Celsius.

a unit by which angles are measured

at an angle of 90° (= 90 degrees).

a title or certificate given by a university etc

He has a degree in chemistry.
by degrees


petit à petit
We reached the desired standard of efficiency by degrees.
to a degree

to a small extent

jusqu’à un certain point
I agree with you to a degree, but I have doubts about your conclusions.

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