Translation of "deposit" - English-French dictionary


noun countable deposit /dɪˈpɒzɪt/
an amount of money you pay to reserve sth you rent or buy
acompte masculine

I put down a $200 deposit on the rental.
J'ai déposé un acompte de 200 $ pour la location.
( security deposit,) an amount of money you pay when you rent sth that is repaid to you if nothing is damaged
caution feminine

a $500 deposit on the apartment
une caution de 500 $ pour l'appartement
≠withdrawal; an amount of money that is put in a bank account
dépôt masculine

I made a deposit of $435 into my savings account.
J'ai fait un dépôt de 435 $ sur mon compte épargne.
a layer of sth left by natural processes
gisement masculine

coal deposits
des gisements de charbon


verb transitive deposit /dɪˈpɒzɪt/, Brit pay in /ˈpeɪ ˈɪn/ verb phrasal
to put an amount of money into a bank account

to deposit a check
déposer un chèque
to leave a layer of sth
former un dépôt de

Glaciers deposited sandy soil as they moved.
En se déplaçant, les glaciers ont formé un dépôt de sol sablonneux.

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verb /diˈpozit/

to put or set down

She deposited her shopping basket in the kitchen.

to put in for safe keeping

He deposited the money in the bank.



an act of paying money as a guarantee that money which is or will be owed will be paid

versement d’un acompte
We have put down a deposit on a house in the country.

the money put into a bank or paid as a guarantee in this way

We decided we could not afford to go on holiday and managed to get back the deposit which we had paid.

a quantity of solid matter that has settled at the bottom of a liquid, or is left behind by a liquid

The floodwater left a yellow deposit over everything.

a layer (of coal, iron etc) occurring naturally in rock

rich deposits of iron ore.

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