Translation of "derive" - English-French dictionary


verb phrasal derive from /dɪˈraɪv/
be derived from
indicates where sth develops from
être dérivé/-ée de

English words derived from Greek prefixes
les mots anglais dérivés de préfixes grecs
formal to get sth from sth
(re)tirer de / puiser dans

the benefits that society derives from universities
les bienfaits que la société retire des universités

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verb /diˈraiv/

(with from)

to come or develop from

dériver (de)
The word ‘psychology’ is derived from Greek.

to draw or take from (a source or origin)

tirer (de)
We derive comfort from his presence.
derivation /deri-/ noun

the source or origin (of a word etc).


the process of deriving.

derivative /diˈrivətiv/ adjective

derived from something else and not original.

sans originalité

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