Translation of "design" - English-French dictionary


noundesign /dɪˈzaɪn/
countable-uncountable how sth looks, is made, and functions, or a drawing showing this
style masculine , conception feminine

good/poor building design
bonne/mauvaise conception d'immeuble

a design fault
une faute de style

the designs for the new offices
les plans pour les nouveaux bureaux
uncountable the process or study of how things look, are made, and function
design masculine

a course in art and design
un cours d'art et de design

a design specialist
un designer/styliste
countable a pattern
motif masculine , dessin masculine

cushions decorated with a modern design
des coussins décorés d'un motif moderne
by design
=intentionally; on purpose
à dessein , délibérément

His plays are confusing by design.
Ses pièces sont délibérément déroutantes.


verbdesign /dɪˈzaɪn/
transitive to make plans and drawings for how sth will look, be made, and function
concevoir , dessiner

I design car interiors.
Je conçois des habitacles de voitures.

jewelry designed by art students
des bijoux dessinés par des étudiants des beaux arts
be designed to
to be made or done for a specific purpose
conçu/-ue pour , destiné/-ée à

new laws designed to improve data protection
de nouvelles lois destinées à améliorer la protection des données

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verb /diˈzain/

to invent and prepare a plan of (something) before it is built or made

A famous architect designed this building.
designer noun

a person who makes designs or patterns

a fashion designer
He is the designer of the yacht.
designing noun

the art of making designs or patterns




style; the way in which something has been made or put together

It is very modern in design
I don’t like the design of that building.

a pattern etc

The curtains have a flower design on them.

a plan formed in the mind; (an) intention

Our holidays coincided by design and not by accident.

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