Translation of "difficult" - English-French dictionary


adjectivedifficult /ˈdɪfɪˌkʌlt, -kəlt/
not easy or causing problems

a difficult exam
un examen difficile

It's difficult for him to run.
Il lui est difficile de / a des difficultés à courir.

It was a difficult conversation.
C'était une conversation difficile.
(of a person) uncooperative

ideas for how to deal with difficult people at work
des idées sur la manière de gérer les personnes difficiles dans le cadre du travail

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adjective /ˈdifikəlt/

hard to do or understand; not easy

a difficult sum
a difficult task
It is difficult to know what to do for the best.

hard to deal with or needing to be treated etc in a special way

a difficult child who often misbehaves.
difficulty noun (plural difficulties)

the state or quality of being hard (to do) or not easy

I have difficulty in understanding him.

an obstacle or objection

He has a habit of foreseeing difficulties.

(especially in plural ) trouble, especially money trouble

The firm was in difficulties.

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