Translation of "direct" - English-French dictionary


adjectivedirect /dɪˈrɛkt, daɪ-/
≠circuitous; straight from one place to another

the most direct route
l'itinéraire le plus direct

a direct flight to Chicago
un vol direct pour Chicago
=frank; honest and saying exactly what you think
direct/-ecte , franc/franche

a little too direct
un peu trop franc/direct
≠indirect; not involving any other person or thing

in direct contact with sb
en contact direct avec qqn

a direct link between the two theories
un lien direct entre les deux théories


adverbdirect /dɪˈrɛkt, daɪ-/
going straight from one place to another

fly direct to Japan
prendre un vol direct pour le Japon
without involving any other person or thing

to buy fresh produce direct from the farmers
acheter des produits frais directement aux producteurs


verb transitivedirect /dɪˈrɛkt, daɪ-/
to make sb or sth the target of

His comments were directed at his mother.
Ses commentaires étaient adressés à sa mère.
to guide actors in a movie, play, or TV show

a movie directed by Ingmar Bergman
un film réalisé par Ingmar Bergman
to organize and guide the way sth is done
gérer , diriger

a manager directing the team's activities
un directeur gérant les activités de l'équipe
formal to tell sb which way to go to get somewhere
indiquer le chemin

I directed them to the hospital.
Je leur ai indiqué le chemin de l'hôpital.
formal to order sb to do sth

The court directed him to pay $1,000.
La cour lui a ordonné de payer 1 000 $.

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adjective /diˈrekt/

straight; following the quickest and shortest way

Is this the most direct route?

(of manner etc) straightforward and honest

a direct answer.

occurring as an immediate result

His dismissal was a direct result of his rudeness to the manager.

exact; complete

Her opinions are the direct opposite of his.

in an unbroken line of descent from father to son etc

en ligne directe
He is a direct descendant of Napoleon.
direction /-ʃən/ noun

(the) place or point to which one moves, looks etc

What direction did he go in?
They were heading in my direction (= towards me)
I’ll find my way all right – I’ve a good sense of direction.


They are under your direction.

(in plural ) instructions (eg on how to get somewhere, use something etc)

We asked the policeman for directions
I have lost the directions for this washing-machine.

the act of aiming or turning (something or someone) towards a certain point.

directional adjective

directive /-tiv/ noun

a general instruction from a higher authority about what is to be done etc.

The White House issued a directive.
directly adverb

in a direct manner

I went directly to the office.

almost at once

He will be here directly.
directness noun
director noun

a person or thing that directs, eg one of a group of persons who manage the affairs of a business or a person who is in charge of the making of a film, play etc

directeur, trice, réalisateur, trice, guide
He is on the board of directors of our firm
The producer and the director quarrelled about the film.
directory noun (plural directories)

a type of book giving names and addresses etc

a telephone directory.



to show the way to

indiquer le chemin de
She directed him to the station.

to order or instruct

We will do as you direct.

to control or organize

A policeman was directing the traffic
to direct a film.

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