Translation of "discharge" - English-French dictionary


verb transitivedischarge /dɪsˈtʃɑrdʒ/
to officially release sb from a hospital, prison, or military job
laisser sortir , libérer

a decision to discharge the patient from the hospital
la décision de laisser sortir le patient de l'hôpital
to release a liquid or gas

a tanker discharging fuel into the ocean
un pétrolier déversant du mazout dans l'océan


noun countable-uncountable /ˈdɪstʃɑrdʒ, dɪsˈtʃɑrdʒ/
renvoi masculine

his discharge from the military
son renvoi de l'armée

a sticky discharge from the wound
un suintement visqueux venant de la blessure

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verb /disˈtʃaːdʒ/

to allow to leave; to dismiss

libérer, renvoyer
The soldier was discharged from the army
She was discharged from hospital.

to fire (a gun)

He discharged his gun at the policeman.

to perform (a task etc)

s’acquitter de
He discharges his duties very efficiently.

to pay (a debt).

He eventually discharged all his debts.

to (cause to) let or send out

(se) déverser, émettre
The chimney was discharging clouds of smoke
The drain discharged into the street.


pus etc coming from eg a wound.


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