Translation of "dish" - English-French dictionary


noun countabledish /dɪʃ/
a shallow plate
plat masculine

a glass dish
un plat à poisson
a plate of prepared food
plat masculine

an Indian/French/Russian dish
un plat indien/français/russe
main dish
the main food eaten at a meal
plat masculine principal

We had chicken for our main dish.
Nous avons eu du poulet en plat principal.
plural plates, cups, etc. that need to be washed or have just been washed
vaisselle feminine

I'll do the dishes.
Je vais faire la vaisselle.
; see also satellite dish

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noun /diʃ/

a plate, bowl etc in which food is brought to the table

a large shallow dish.

food mixed and prepared for the table

She served us an interesting dish containing chicken and almonds.
dishwasher noun

a machine for washing dishes.

dish-washing noun

the job of washing soiled dishes.

dishwater noun

water used for washing dishes.

eau de vaisselle
dish out

to distribute or give to people

He dished out the potatoes.

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