Translation of "disturb" - English-French dictionary


verb transitivedisturb /dɪˈstɜrb/
to interrupt or distract sb

Sorry to disturb you - there's a call for you.
Excusez-moi de vous déranger ; il y a un appel pour vous.

Is the music disturbing you?
Est-ce que la musique vous dérange ?

The sign said, "Do not disturb."
L'écriteau disait "Ne pas déranger.".
to upset or worry sb very much
inquiéter , troubler

What the child had written disturbed me.
Ce qu'avait écrit cet enfant m'inquiétait.
to move sth out of position

Evidence at the crime scene had been disturbed.
Les preuves sur la scène du crime avaient été dérangées.

(Translation of “disturb” from the GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


verb /diˈstəːb/

to interrupt or take attention away from

I’m sorry, am I disturbing you?
Sorry to disturb you, have you seen Alan anywhere?

to worry or make anxious

This news has disturbed me very much.

to stir up or throw into confusion

troubler, remuer
A violent storm disturbed the surface of the lake.
disturbance noun

a noisy or disorderly happening

He was thrown out of the meeting for causing a disturbance.

an interruption

I’ve done quite a lot of work, despite several disturbances.

an act of disturbing

He was arrested for disturbance of the peace.

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