Translation of "dress" - English-French dictionary


verbdress /drɛs/
intransitive to wear a particular type of clothing
s'habiller , se vêtir

Remember to dress for hot weather.
Pensez à vous habiller/vêtir pour un temps chaud.

children dressing as ghosts and monsters for Halloween
des enfants s'habillant en fantômes et en monstres pour Halloween
transitive-intransitive ≠undress; to put clothes on yourself or sb

Dress the kids first.
Commence par habiller les enfants.
get dressed

I got dressed as quickly as I could.
Je me suis habillé aussi vite que je le pouvais.
transitive to clean and bandage a wound

The nurse dressed the cut.
L'infirmière a pansé la blessure.

dress up

verb phrasaldress up [ ˈdrɛs ˈʌp ]
to put on more formal clothes than usual
se mettre sur son trente-et-un

Do we need to get dressed up for the party?
Es-ce qu'on doit se mettre sur son trente-et-un pour la réception ?
to wear clothes that make you look like sb or sth else
se déguiser

kids dressed up as jungle animals
des enfants déguisés en animaux de la jungle


noundress /drɛs/
countable a piece of women's clothing that covers the upper body and part or all of the legs

a beautiful red dress
une magnifique robe rouge

a wedding dress
une robe de mariée
uncountable clothes for a particular occasion, group, or historical period
tenue feminine

in full military dress
en tenue de parade

casual/formal dress
tenue décontractée / de cérémonie

traditional Austrian dress
tenue traditionnelle autrichienne

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verb /dres/

to put clothes or a covering on

We dressed in a hurry
My wife dressed the children.

to prepare (food etc) to be eaten

She dressed a salad.

to treat and bandage (wounds)

He was sent home from hospital after his burns had been dressed.
dressed adjective

wearing (clothes)

Don’t come in – I’m not dressed!
She was dressed in black
Get dressed immediately
a well-dressed man.
dresser noun

a kitchen sideboard for holding dishes.


(American ) a chest of drawers for holding clothes sometimes with a mirror.

dressing noun

a bandage etc used to dress a wound

He changed the patient’s dressing.

something put on as a covering

We gave the rose-bed a dressing of manure.

a sauce added especially to salads

sauce, assaisonnement
oil and vinegar dressing.
dressing gown noun

a loose garment worn over pyjamas etc.

robe de chambre
dressing room noun

a room (in a theatre etc) for actors etc to change in.

dressing table noun

a table in a bedroom with a mirror and drawers.

dressmaker noun

a person who makes clothes for women.

dress rehearsal

a full rehearsal of a play etc with costumes etc.

(répétition) générale
dress up

to put on special clothes, eg fancy dress

He dressed up as a clown for the party.



a piece of women’s clothing with a top and skirt in one piece

Shall I wear a dress or a blouse and skirt?

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