Translation of "earn" - English-French dictionary


verbearn /ɜrn/
transitive-intransitive to receive money for work

I currently earn $35,000 a year.
Actuellement, je gagne 35 000 $ par an.

I'll be happier when I'm earning again.
Je serai plus heureux quand je gagnerai à nouveau ma vie.
earn a living
to make money for the things you need to live
gagner sa vie

He won't earn a living selling his paintings.
Il ne va pas gagner pas sa vie en vendant ses tableaux.
transitive to get money in profit or as interest

The company failed to earn a profit this year.
L'entreprise n'a pas réussi à faire des bénéfices cette année.
transitive to deserve sth
mériter , gagner

to earn sb's respect
gagner le respect de qqn

You've earned a vacation.
Vous avez mérité des vacances.

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verb /əːn/

to gain (money, wages, one’s living) by working

gagner (sa vie)
He earns $200 a week
He earns his living by cleaning shoes
You can afford a car now that you’re earning.

to deserve

I’ve earned a rest.
earnings noun plural

money etc earned

His earnings are not sufficient to support his family.

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