Translation of "endorse" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiveendorse /ɛnˈdɔrs/
to officially show support for sth
apporter son soutien

The New York Times has endorsed the candidate.
Le New York Times a apporté son soutien au candidat.


noun countable-uncountableendorsement /ɛnˈdɔrsmənt/
soutien masculine

the president's endorsement of the right-wing leader
le soutien du président au dirigeant de la droite

a letter of endorsement
une lettre de soutien

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verb /inˈdoːs/

to write one’s signature on the back of (a cheque).


to make a note of an offence on (a driving licence).

porter une contravention à

to give one’s approval to (a decision, statement etc)

The court endorsed the judge’s decision.
endorsement noun

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