Translation of "expect" - English-French dictionary


verb /ikˈspekt/

to think of as likely to happen or come

I’m expecting a letter today
We expect her on tomorrow’s train.

to think or believe (that something will happen)

He expects to be home tomorrow
I expect that he will go
‘Will she go too?’ ‘I expect so’ / ‘I don’t expect so’ / ‘I expect not.’

to require

exiger/attendre (qqch. de qqn)
They expect high wages for their extremely skilled work
You are expected to tidy your own room.

to suppose or assume

supposer (que)
I expect (that) you’re tired.
expectancy noun

the state of expecting or hoping

a feeling/look/air of expectancy.
expectant adjective

full of hope or expectation

qui attend
the expectant faces of the audience.

expecting (a baby)

an expectant mother.
expectantly adverb

dans l’attente
expectation /ekspek-/ noun

the state of expecting

In expectation of a wage increase, he bought a washing-machine.

what is expected

He failed his exam, contrary to expectation(s)
Did the concert come up to your expectations?

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