Translation of "fail" - English-French dictionary


verbfail /feɪl/
intransitive ≠succeed; to not achieve a goal
échouer , ne pas réussir

The rocket launch failed.
Le lancer de fusée a échoué.

The climbers failed to reach the top of the mountain.
Les alpinistes n'ont pas réussi à atteindre le sommet de la montagne.
intransitive formal to not do sth you are supposed to
manquer , omettre

She failed to come to the hearing.
Elle a omis de venir à la séance.
transitive-intransitive ≠pass; to not achieve a passing grade

I failed that exam/class.
J'ai raté cet examen / ce cours.

"How was the test?" "I failed."
"Comment s'est passée l'épreuve ?" "Je l'ai ratée."
transitive (of teacher) to give a student a grade that is below passing

The professor failed half the class.
Le professeur a recalé la moitié de la classe.
intransitive to stop working or progressing well
faiblir , lâcher

The brakes failed.
Les freins lâchaient.

Her health was failing.
Sa santé était chancelante.
intransitive (of business) to be unable to continue operating
faire faillite

new laws to stop banks from failing
de nouvelles lois pour empêcher les banques de faire faillite


noun countablefail /feɪl/
a grade that is below passing
mauvaise note feminine

He got a 53, which is a fail.
Il a eu 53, ce qui est une mauvaise note.
without fail
sans faute , sans exception

He was there every morning without fail.
Il était là sans faute chaque matin.

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verb /feil/

to be unsuccessful (in); not to manage (to do something)

échouer (à)
They failed in their attempt
I failed my exam
I failed to post the letter.

to break down or cease to work

tomber en panne
The brakes failed.

to be insufficient or not enough

manquer (à)
His courage failed (him).

(in a test, examination etc) to reject (a candidate)

The examiner failed half the class.

to disappoint

manquer (à)
They did not fail him in their support.
failing noun

a fault or weakness

He may have his failings, but he has always treated his children well.
failure /-jə/ noun

the state or act of failing

échec; panne
She was upset by her failure in the exam
the failure of the electricity supply.

an unsuccessful person or thing

He felt he was a failure.

inability, refusal etc to do something

I was disappointed by his failure to reply.
without fail

definitely or certainly

sans faute
I shall do it tomorrow without fail.

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