Translation of "fair" - English-French dictionary


adjectivefair /fɛər/
acceptable, reasonable, and morally correct
juste , correct/-ecte

a fair price
un prix correct

It's not fair to blame children for things they can't understand.
Il n'est pas juste de blâmer les enfants pour des choses qu'ils ne peuvent pas comprendre.
sb's fair share
an appropriate amount of sth that is being shared
le dû de qqn

our fair share of the prize money
notre dû sur l'argent du prix
done so that everyone is treated equally
juste , équitable

free and fair elections
des élections libres et équitables

I try to be fair to all my employees.
J'essaie d'être juste envers tous mes employés.
( not before noun,) =decent, average; not too bad, but not very good

The food was fair.
La nourriture était passable.
≠dark; (of hair or skin) very light in color
clair/claire , blond/blonde

her fair hair/skin
ses cheveux blonds / sa peau claire
fair game
sb or sth that it is fair to investigate or criticize
proie feminine idéale , butin masculine de choix

Are journalists' phone records fair game for investigators?
Les relevés d'appels des journalistes sont-ils un butin de choix pour les détectives privés ?
have your fair share of
to have sth happen to you a lot, especially sth bad
avoir sa part de

She's had her fair share of bad luck.
Elle a eu sa part de malchance.
to be fair
used to add sth positive to after saying sth negative
pour être tout à fait juste , à la décharge de qqn

To be fair, she did try to warn me.
A sa décharge / pour être tout à fait juste, je dois dire qu'elle a essayé de m'avertir.


noun countablefair /fɛər/
an outdoor event at which people play games, win prizes, and ride on special machines
foire feminine

the county fair
la foire régionale
an event in which companies try to attract buyers or employees
foire feminine , salon masculine

a job fair
un salon de l'emploi


adverbfair [ fɛər ]
in a way that treats people reasonably
de façon juste , équitablement
fair and square
according to the rules
dans le respect des règles , en jouant franc jeu

I won, fair and square.
J'ai gagné en jouant franc jeu.
play fair
jouer franc jeu

You're not playing fair!
Tu ne joues pas franc jeu !

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adjective /feə/

light-coloured; with light-coloured hair and skin

fair hair
Scandinavian people are often fair.

just; not favouring one side

a fair test.

(of weather) fine; without rain

a fair afternoon.

quite good; neither bad nor good

Her work is only fair.

quite big, long etc

The box is a fair size.


a fair maiden.
fairness noun

blondeur; justice
fairly adverb

justly; honestly

We must ensure that the competition is fairly judged.

quite or rather

The work was fairly hard.
fair play

honest treatment; an absence of cheating, biased actions etc

franc jeu
The referee must ensure that fair play is enforced throughout the match.


noun /feə/

a collection of entertainments that travels from town to town

She won a large doll at the fair.

a large market held at fixed times

A fair is held here every spring.

an exhibition of goods from different countries, firms etc

a trade fair.

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