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nounfamily /ˈfæməli, ˈfæmli/ ( plural families )
countable a group consisting usually of parents and children
famille feminine

I'd like to meet your family.
J'aimerais rencontrer ta famille.

single-parent families
familles monoparentales

a family of four
une famille de quatre personnes
start a family
to have children
fonder une famille
countable-uncountable everyone related to sb and the relationship they have with each other
famille feminine

There have been lots of lawyers in our family.
Il y a eu beaucoup d'avocats dans notre famille.

Family is important to me.
La famille est importante pour moi.
in the family
belonging to a family
dans la famille

She wants to keep the money in the family.
Elle veut garder l'argent dans la famille.
countable a group of related things
famille feminine

Killer whales are in the same family as dolphins.
Les épaulards sont de la même famille que les dauphins.

a word family
une famille de mots

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noun /ˈfӕməli/ (plural families)

(singular or plural) a man, his wife and their children

These houses were built for families
The (members of the) Clark family are all very athletic
(also adjective) a family holiday.

a group of people related to each other, including cousins, grandchildren etc

He comes from a wealthy family
(also adjective) the family home.

the children of a man and his wife

When I get married, I would like a large family.

a group of plants, animals, languages etc that are connected in some way

In spite of its name, a koala bear is not a member of the bear family.
family planning

controlling or limiting the number of children that people have especially by using a means of contraception

limitation des naissances
a family planning clinic.
family tree

(a plan showing) a person’s ancestors and relations.

arbre généalogique

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