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verbfit /fɪt/ ( fitting pt pp fit or fitted )
transitive-intransitive to be the right size
aller à

I love this dress but it doesn't fit me.
J'adore cette robe mais elle ne me va pas.

The shoes didn't fit.
Les chaussures n'allaient pas.
transitive-intransitive to be the right size, number, shape, etc. to go into a space, or to be able to put sth into a space
(faire) entrer , caser

Do you think the sofa will fit there?
Penses-tu que le canapé entrera là ?

We can fit two more people in our car.
Nous pouvons faire entrer / caser deux personnes de plus dans notre voiture.
transitive-intransitive to join to sth else
se mettre , se fixer

The lid fits on top like this.
Le couvercle se met/fixe sur le dessus comme ça.

He fit the pieces together.
Il assemble les pièces.
transitive-intransitive to match or be suitable
cadrer avec , correspondre à

Her voice didn't fit with her appearance.
Sa voix ne cadre pas avec son apparence.

a dress to fit the occasion
une robe pour l'occasion
transitive Brit to install a device

The house had been fitted with an alarm.
La maison a été équipée d'une alarme.
; see also fitted

fit in

verb phrasalfit in [ ˈfɪt ˈɪn ]
to feel comfortable with and accepted by a group of people

He didn't fit in at school.
Il ne s'intégrait pas à l'école.
to work as part of a larger plan or organization

How do your needs fit in with the rest of the group's?
Comment vos besoins s'intègrent à ceux du reste du groupe ?
to have enough time for
trouver le temps

We won't be able to fit in a visit to the zoo.
Nous n'arriverons pas à trouver le temps pour une visite au zoo.

The doctor can fit you in at 4 o'clock.
Le docteur peut vous voir à 4h.

fit out

verb phrasalfit out [ ˈfɪt ˈaʊt ]
to put equipment in a place

offices fitted out with all the latest technology
des bureaux équipés de toute la technologie de pointe


adjectivefit /fɪt/ ( fitter, fittest )
Brit =in shape; healthy and well
en forme

It's important to keep fit.
C'est important de rester en forme.
get fit
to do exercise to become fit
se mettre en forme

I want to get fit, so I've started jogging.
Je veux me mettre en forme, aussi je me suis mis à faire du jogging.
suitable or good enough

food that is not fit to eat
une nourriture qui est comestible


nounfit /fɪt/
countable a sudden strong emotional or physical reaction
accès masculine

a fit of rage/jealousy/panic
un accès de rage/jalousie/panique

a coughing fit
une quinte de toux
have/throw a fit
to become extremely angry
informal piquer une crise

My Mom'll have a fit when she finds out.
Ma mère va piquer une crise quand elle le découvrira.
countable a seizure or convulsion
attaque feminine , crise feminine

to have a fit
avoir une attaque/crise
singular the way that a piece of clothing fits your body
taille feminine

That jacket is a good fit.
Cette veste est à la bonne taille.

a tight/loose fit
être serré/lâche

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adjective /fit/

in good health

en forme
I am feeling very fit.

suitable; correct for a particular purpose or person

They prepared a magnificent dinner fit for a king.
fitness noun

Physical fitness is essential for this kind of job.
fitter noun

a person who puts the parts of a machine together.

an engine fitter.
fitting adjective


It was a fitting occasion to thank him for all his help.
fit in (often with with)

to be able to live, exist etc in agreement or harmony

s’entendre avec
She doesn’t fit in with the other children.
fit out

to provide with everything necessary (clothes, equipment etc)

The shop fitted them out with everything they needed for their journey.
see/think fit

to consider that some action is right, suitable etc

trouver bon (de)
You must do as you see fit (to do).



to be the right size or shape (for someone or something)

bien aller à
The coat fits (you) very well.

to be suitable for

convenir à
Her speech fitted the occasion.

to put (something) in position

You must fit a new lock on the door.

to supply with; to equip with

She fitted the cupboard with shelves.



the trying-on of a dress etc and altering to make it fit

I am having a fitting for my wedding dress tomorrow.


noun /fit/

a sudden attack of illness, especially epilepsy

She suffers from fits.

something which happens as suddenly as this

a fit of laughter/coughing.
by fits and starts

irregularly; often stopping and starting again

par à-coups
He did his work by fits and starts.

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