Translation of "frame" - English-French dictionary


noun countableframe /freɪm/
the border around a picture
cadre masculine

a gold picture frame
un cadre de photo doré
a supporting structure
armature feminine

a bed frame
un sommier de lit
plural the part of a pair of glasses that surrounds the lenses and goes over the ears
monture feminine

the glasses with the silver frames
les lunettes avec la monture d'argent
the general shape of sb's body
gabarit masculine

a girl with a tiny frame
une fille au minuscule gabarit
frame of mind
how positive or negative you are feeling
disposition feminine d'esprit

I'm not in the right frame of mind to write a letter today.
Je ne suis pas dans la bonne disposition d'esprit pour écrire une lettre aujourd'hui.


verb transitiveframe /freɪm/
to put a frame on a picture

I haven't framed the photo yet.
Je n'ai pas encore encadré la photo.
have sth framed
pay sb to frame sth
faire encadrer

She had the certificate framed.
Elle avait fait encadrer le diplôme.
to be a border around sth

Her long hair framed her face.
Ses longs cheveux encadraient son visage.
to communicate sth carefully to control the way people understand it

the difficulty of framing the issue for voters
la difficulté à formuler la question pour les électeurs

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noun /freim/

a hard main structure round which something is built or made

the steel frame of the aircraft.

something made to enclose something

a picture frame
a window frame.

the human body

He has a slight frame.
framework noun

the basic supporting structure of anything

The building will be made of concrete supported by a steel framework.
frame of mind

mental state

disposition d’esprit
He was found in a confused frame of mind.



to act as a frame for

Her hair framed her face.

to arrange false evidence so as to make (someone) seem guilty of a crime etc (noun frame-up).

monter un coup (contre); coup monté
Harrison claimed that he’’d been framed for the murder.

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