Translation of "freeze" - English-French dictionary


verbfreeze /friz/ ( pt froze pp frozen )
transitive-intransitive ≠thaw; to become or make hard as a result of very cold temperatures
geler , congeler

The puddles had all frozen.
Les flaques ont toutes gelé.

Freeze the bread to make it last longer.
Congelez le pain pour qu'il conserve plus longtemps.
intransitive to be very cold
être gelé/-ée

I froze in my thin dress.
Je suis gelée dans ma robe fine.

hikers who froze to death in the cold
des randonneurs qui sont morts de froid dans le froid
; see also freezing
intransitive (of temperature) to reach 0º C (32º F) or lower
it freezes
il gèle

It's supposed to freeze tonight.
On suppose qu'il a gelé cette nuit.
transitive-intransitive to stop or make stop working as a result of ice
(faire) geler

The locks on the car were frozen.
Les serrures de la voiture étaient gelées.

The below-zero temperatures froze the pipes.
Les températures au-dessous de zéro ont fait geler les tuyaux.
intransitive (of people) to suddenly stop moving
se figer

We all froze at the sound of the scream.
Nous nous sommes tous figés au son de ce cri.
transitive-intransitive to stop or make a computer stop working temporarily
se figer , planter

My screen froze and then crashed.
Mon écran s'est figé et a planté.

The video froze my computer.
La vidéo a planté mon ordinateur.
transitive to keep a number, amount, or level the same as it was
geler , bloquer

Congressional salaries are to be frozen at last year's levels.
Les salaires du Congrès vont devoir être gelés/bloqués à leur niveau de l'année dernière.
transitive to stop all activity in a bank or investment account
geler , bloquer

The company froze its pension plan.
La société a bloqué/gelé son plan de retraite.

freeze over

verb phrasalfreeze over /ˈfriz ˈoʊvər/
(of a body of water) to become covered with ice

When the pond freezes over we can skate on it.
Quand l'étang gèle, on peut faire du patin dessus.


noun countablefreeze [ friz ]
a period when the temperature outside reaches 0º C (32º F) or lower
gel masculine , gelée feminine

a freeze warning for tonight
un alerte au gel / à la gelée pour ce soir
a period when a number, amount, or level is frozen
gel masculine , blocage masculine

a price freeze
un gel des prix
a period when an activity is stopped
gel masculine , blocage masculine

a freeze on recruitment
un gel du recrutement

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verb /friːz/ (past tense froze /frəuz/, past participle frozen /ˈfrəuzn/)

to make into or become ice

It’s so cold that the river has frozen over.

(of weather) to be at or below freezing-point

If it freezes again tonight, all my plants will die.

to make or be very cold

geler, (mourir de froid)
If you had stayed out all night in the snow, you might have frozen to death (= died of exposure to cold).

to make (food) very cold in order to preserve it

You can freeze the rest of that food and eat it later.

to make or become stiff, still or unable to move (with fear etc)

figer sur place, rester figé
She froze when she heard the strange noise.

to fix prices, wages etc at a certain level

geler (des crédits, des devises)
If the economic situation does not improve, wages will be frozen again.
freezer noun

a cabinet for keeping food at, or bringing it down to, a temperature below freezing-point.

freezing adjective

very cold

This room’s freezing.
frozen adjective

freezing-point noun

the temperature at which a liquid becomes solid

point de congélation
The freezing-point of water is 0° centigrade.
freeze up

to stop moving or functioning because of extreme cold

The car engine froze up.

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