Translation of "gear" - English-French dictionary


noungear /gɪər/
countable a part of a vehicle that controls the speed of the wheels
vitesse feminine

How many gears does this bicycle have?
Combien cette bicyclette a-t-elle de vitesses ?

first/second/third etc. gear
première/deuxième/troisième etc. vitesse

to change gear
changer de vitesse
uncountable clothes or equipment for an activity
équipement masculine

skiing gear
équipement de ski


verb transitivegear /gɪər/
geared to/toward
made suitable for
qui s'adresse à , destiné/-ée à

a show that's geared toward children rather than adults
un spectacle qui s'adresse aux enfants plutôt qu'aux adultes

gear up

verb phrasalgear up [ ˈgɪər ˈʌp ]
to prepare or get ready
se préparer

We're gearing up for the New Year celebrations.
Nous nous préparons pour les festivités du Nouvel An.

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noun /ɡiə/

(usually in plural) a set of toothed wheels which act together to carry motion

a car with automatic gears.

a combination of these wheels, eg in a car

changement de vitesse
The car is in first gear.

a mechanism used for a particular purpose

an aeroplane’s landing-gear.

the things needed for a particular job, sport etc

sports gear.
gearbox noun

the part of a car etc which has the gears in it.

boîte de vitesses
gear lever/change/stick (British gear shift)

(American ) the apparatus in a car etc which is used to change gear.

levier de vitesse

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