Translation of "gloss" - English-French dictionary


noun uncountablegloss [ glɒs, glɔs ]
a strong shine on a surface
brillant masculine , éclat masculine , lustre masculine

the gloss of the car's new paint
le lustre de la nouvelle peinture de la voiture


verb phrasalgloss: gloss over [ glɔs, glɒs ]
to treat as unimportant by giving few details
passer rapidement sur

She glossed over the company's financial problems.
Elle passa rapidement sur les problèmes financiers de la société.

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noun /ɡlos/

brightness or shininess on the surface

Her hair has a lovely gloss
(also adjective) gloss paint.
glossary /-səri/ noun (plural glossaries)

a list of words etc with their meanings

a glossary of technical terms
a Shakespeare glossary.
glossy adjective

smooth and shining

The dog has a glossy coat.
glossiness noun

gloss over

to try to hide (a mistake etc)

He glossed over the fact that he had forgotten the previous appointment by talking about his accident.

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