Translation of "great" - English-French dictionary


adjectivegreat /greɪt/
=excellent; very good
excellent/-ente , merveilleux/-euse , formidable

"We're getting married!" "That's great!"
"Nous allons nous marier !" "C'est formidable !"

It'd be great if you could come to the party.
Ce serait merveilleux si vous pouviez venir à la soirée.

It's a great movie.
C'est un très bon film.

a great deal
une excellente affaire

Great job, you guys!
Excellent travail, les gars !
important or significant

a great leader
un grand chef

a great moment in the country's history
un grand moment dans l'histoire du pays
a large or extreme amount, level, etc.

a great number of people
un nombre considérable de gens

We had great difficulty finding the place.
Nous avons eu beaucoup de difficulté à trouver l'endroit.

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adjective /ɡreit/

of a better quality than average; important

a great writer
Churchill was a great man.

very large, larger etc than average

a great crowd of people at the football match.

of a high degree

Take great care of that book.

very pleasant

We had a great time at the party.

clever and expert

doué pour
John’s great at football.
greatly adverb

I was greatly impressed by her singing.
greatness noun

She was given the award in recognition of her greatness as an athlete.



separated by one generation more than (an uncle, grandfather etc)

grand-, arrière-
A great-uncle is one’s father’s or mother’s uncle
a great-grandchild.

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