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verbhold /hoʊld/ ( pt pp held )
transitive to grip carry sth in your hands or arms

You're holding the book upside down.
Tu tiens le livre à l'envers.

She held the baby in her arms.
Elle tenait le bébé dans ses bras.
transitive to keep in a position
(faire) tenir , maintenir

Hold your picture up.
Levez votre dessin.

The stitches hold the wound together until it heals.
Les points de suture maintiennent la blessure fermée jusqu'à ce qu'elle cicatrise.
hold sth in place
to keep sth from moving
maintenir en place

The Velcro holds this piece in place.
Le velcro maintient cette pièce en place.
transitive to embrace sb
étreindre qqn , enlacer

The lovers held each other tightly.
Les amoureux se tenaient étroitement enlacés.
transitive to contain

Each barrel can hold 50 liters of liquid.
Chaque baril contient 50 litres de liquide.
transitive =detain; to keep in prison

Police are holding him for questioning.
Les policiers le retiennent pour l'interroger.
hold sb captive/prisoner/hostage
retenir/garder qqn en captivité / prisonnier / en otage

The rebels held him captive for 3 months.
Les rebelles l'ont gardé en captivité pendant 3 mois.
transitive to organize and invite people to an event

to hold talks/a conference
organiser des pourparlers / une conférence

Interviews will be held next week.
Les entretiens auront lieu la semaine prochaine.
transitive to have or keep a job, official position, or status

to hold a British passport
avoir un passeport britannique
hold office
être au pouvoir

party members who are not allowed to hold office
les membres du parti qui ne sont pas autorisés à être au pouvoir
intransitive to remain constant
se maintenir

Do you think this good weather will hold all day?
Est-ce que tu penses que le beau temps va se maintenir toute la journée ?
transitive to keep control or possession of sth in a competition, battle, etc.
garder , contrôler

Rebels hold the southern area.
Les rebelles contrôlent la zone au sud.

He's held the boxing title for five years.
Il a gardé son titre de champion de boxe pendant cinq ans.
transitive to have a particular quality, feeling, or idea

She holds the view that all children are good.
Elle considère que tous les enfants sont bons.
transitive to keep or contain information

Data will be held for a period of 12 months.
Les données seront conservées pendant une durée de 12 mois.
transitive-intransitive to support without breaking
tenir , supporter

Tie the rope tight or it won't hold.
Attache la corde bien serrée ou elle ne tiendra pas.

That old chair will never hold his weight.
Cette vieille chaise ne supportera jamais son poids.
transitive-intransitive to wait while the person you are calling comes to the telephone
patienter , rester en ligne

Can you hold the line please?
Pouvez-vous patienter s'il vous plaît ?

Please hold while I connect you.
Ne quittez pas s'il-vous-plaît, je vous mets en relation.
hold it
spoken indicates you want sb to wait or stop
stop / une minute

Hold it! This isn't working.
Une minute ! Ça ne marche pas.
hold your breath
to not breathe
retenir sa respiration / son souffle

divers who can hold their breath for up to two minutes
des plongeurs qui peuvent retenir leur souffle pendant deux minutes
hold your own
to be as good at doing sth as other people
bien se débrouiller , en remontrer

She can hold her own against anyone in the swimming pool.
Elle peut en remontrer à n'importe qui en natation.

hold against

verb phrasalhold against [ ˈhoʊld əˌgɛnst ]
to resent sb for doing sth
en vouloir à qqn de qqch

He got the job and I didn't, but I don't hold it against him.
Il a eu le travail et moi pas mais je ne lui en veux pas.

hold back

verb phrasalhold back [ ˈhoʊld ˈbæk ]
to stop from moving forward
retenir , contenir

Security guards held the screaming fans back.
Les vigiles contenaient les fans qui hurlaient.
to prevent from making progress

His shyness is what is holding him back.
Sa timidité est ce qui l'empêche d'avancer.
to not show an emotion
contenir , refouler

She held back the tears.
Elle a refoulé ses larmes.

hold down

verb phrasalhold down [ ˈhoʊld ˈdaʊn ]
to stop from getting up
maintenir au sol

The guards held him down.
Les gardes l'ont maintenu au sol.
to keep the level of sth low
limiter l'augmentation de qqch

to hold down prices
limiter l'augmentation des prix
hold down a job
to keep a job
garder un emploi

He's never been able to hold down a job.
Il n'a jamais été capable de garder un emploi.

hold off

verb phrasalhold off [ ˈhoʊld ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to delay doing
reporter , attendre (pour) , attendre pour faire qqch

We've decided to hold off visiting him until he feels stronger.
Nous avons décidé d'attendre qu'il se sente plus solide pour lui rendre visite.
to resist an attack

She held off her attacker with the baseball bat.
Elle a repoussé son agresseur avec la batte de baseball.

hold on

verb phrasalhold on [ ˈhoʊld ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
( hold onto/on to ) to keep a firm grip on
se tenir , s'accrocher

Hold on tight to the railing.
Tiens-toi bien à la rampe.
to wait
patienter , attendre

Can you hold on while I finish this?
Pouvez-vous patienter pendant que je termine ceci ?

Hold on! Don't throw that away.
Attends ! Ne jette pas ça.
( hold onto/on to ) to keep sth you already have

The team couldn't hold onto their unbeaten record.
L'équipe rne éussirait pas à garder son record invaincu.

hold out

verb phrasalhold out [ ˈhoʊld ˈaʊt ]
to offer or present sth by stretching your hand toward sb

Hold out your plate so I can serve you.
Donne ton assiette que je puisse te servir.
to resist an attack
tenir (bon)

to hold out against the enemy
tenir bon face à l'ennemi
to not be all used

Food supplies should hold out for another week.
Il faudrait que les réserves de nourriture durent encore une semaine.

hold out for

verb phrasalhold out for [ ˈhoʊld ˈaʊt ˌfɔr ]
to wait for sth better

Stockholders held out for a better deal.
Les actionnaires attendaient une meilleure transaction.

hold up

verb phrasalhold up [ ˈhoʊld ˈʌp ]
to delay or slow down
retarder , ralentir

We got held up in traffic.
Nous avons été retardés par la circulation.

What's holding up production?
Qu'est-ce qui ralentit la production ?
to prevent from falling down

Two sticks were holding up the canvas.
Deux bâtons soutenaient la toile.
to rob sth using a weapon
voler , dévaliser

to hold up a bank
attaquer / faire un hold-up dans une banque


nounhold /hoʊld/
singular a grip on sth
prise feminine , étreinte feminine

a tight hold
une étreinte serrée
get/take/grab hold of
prendre , se saisir de

Take hold of your partner's hand.
Prenez la main de votre partenaire.
keep hold (of)
to not let go of
tenir fermement

Keep hold of my hand.
Tiens ma main fermement.
singular control of
emprise feminine , maîtrise feminine

the dictator's strong hold on the country
la puissante emprise du dictateur sur le pays
get hold of
to manage to obtain
se procurer

It's impossible to get hold of tickets for the concert.
Il n'y a pas moyen de se procurer des billets pour le concert.
to manage to contact

I've been trying to get hold of him all morning.
J'ai essayé de le joindre toute la matinée.
to manage to obtain
se procurer

It's impossible to get hold of tickets for the concert.
Il n'y a pas moyen de se procurer des billets pour le concert.
to manage to contact

I've been trying to get hold of him all morning.
J'ai essayé de le joindre toute la matinée.
keep hold of
to not lose

Keep hold of all the tax documents.
Conservez toutes les feuilles d'impôts.
to not lose

Keep hold of all the tax documents.
Conservez toutes les feuilles d'impôts.
on hold
stopped until later
en suspens

Our plans for the summer are on hold for now.
Nos projets pour l'été sont en suspens pour l'instant.
waiting while the person you want to speak to comes to the telephone
en attente

Sir, I'm going to put you on hold.
Je vais vous faire patienter Monsieur.
stopped until later
en suspens

Our plans for the summer are on hold for now.
Nos projets pour l'été sont en suspens pour l'instant.
waiting while the person you want to speak to comes to the telephone
en attente

Sir, I'm going to put you on hold.
Je vais vous faire patienter Monsieur.
countable the storage area of a ship, airplane, etc.
ship: cale feminine , airplane: soute feminine

Large suitcases are put in the hold.
Les grosses valises sont mises en soute.

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verb /həuld/ (past tense, past participle held /held/)

to have in one’s hand(s) or between one’s hands

He was holding a knife
Hold that dish with both hands
He held the little boy’s hand
He held the mouse by its tail.

to have in a part, or between parts, of the body, or between parts of a tool etc

He held the pencil in his teeth
She was holding a pile of books in her arms
Hold the stamp with tweezers.

to support or keep from moving, running away, falling etc

What holds that shelf up?
He held the door closed by leaning against it
Hold your hands above your head
Hold his arms so that he can’t struggle.

to remain in position, fixed etc when under strain

I’ve tied the two pieces of string together, but I’m not sure the knot will hold
Will the anchor hold in a storm?

to keep (a person) in some place or in one’s power

The police are holding a man for questioning in connection with the murder
He was held captive.

to (be able to) contain

This jug holds two pints
You can’t hold water in a handkerchief
This drawer holds all my shirts.

to cause to take place

tenir, avoir lieu
The meeting will be held next week
We’ll hold the meeting in the hall.

to keep (oneself), or to be, in a particular state or condition

(se) tenir
We’ll hold ourselves in readiness in case you send for us
She holds herself very erect.

to have or be in (a job etc)

He held the position of company secretary for five years.

to think strongly; to believe; to consider or regard

tenir, croire
I hold that this was the right decision
He holds me (to be) responsible for everyone’s mistakes
He is held in great respect
He holds certain very odd beliefs.

to continue to be valid or apply

être valable
Our offer will hold until next week
These rules hold under all circumstances.

(with to) to force (a person) to do something he has promised to do

obliger (qqn) à tenir ses engagements
I intend to hold him to his promises.

to defend

They held the castle against the enemy.

not to be beaten by

The general realized that the soldiers could not hold the enemy for long.

to keep (a person’s attention)

If you can’t hold your pupils’ attention, you can’t be a good teacher.

to keep someone in a certain state

avoir lieu
Don’t hold us in suspense, what was the final decision?

to celebrate

The festival is held on 24 June.

to be the owner of

(se) maintenir
He holds shares in this company.

(of good weather) to continue

I hope the weather holds until after the school sports.

(also hold the line) (of a person who is making a telephone call) to wait

Mr Brown is busy at the moment – will you hold or would you like him to call you back?

to continue to sing

Please hold that note for four whole beats.

to keep (something)

réserver à
They’ll hold your luggage at the station until you collect it.

(of the future) to be going to produce

réserver à
I wonder what the future holds for me?

a person or thing that holds something

porte-(…); détenteur/-trice
a pen-holder
a ticket-holder (= a person who has a ticket for something).
hold-all noun

a (usually large) bag with a zip for packing clothes etc into.

get hold of

to manage to speak to

I’ve been trying to get hold of you by phone all morning.

to get, buy or obtain

I’ve been trying to get hold of a copy of that book for years.
hold back

to refuse to tell someone (something)

cacher (qqch. à qqn)
The police were convinced that the man was holding something back.

to prevent from happening, being seen etc, with an effort

The little girl succeeded in holding back her tears.

to prevent from making progress

I meant to finish cleaning the house, but the children have held me back all morning.
hold down

to keep or be allowed to stay in (a job)

He is incapable of holding down a job.
hold forth

to talk or give one’s opinions, often loudly, at great length

The prime minister held forth for hours on the success of his government.
hold good

to be true or valid; to apply

rester valable
Does that rule hold good in every case?
hold it

to stop or wait

ne bougez plus!
Hold it! Don’t start till I tell you to.
hold off

(of weather) to stay away

(se) maintainir
I hope the rain holds off.

to keep off; to fight successfully against

The soldiers managed to hold off the enemy.
hold on

(often with to) to keep (a grip on) (something)

(se) tenir (à)
She held on to me to stop herself slipping
I couldn’t hold on any longer, so I let go of the rope.

to stop or wait

Hold on – I’m not quite ready yet
The operator asked the caller to hold on while she connected him.
hold out

to continue to survive etc until help arrives

The rescue team hoped the men in the boat could hold out till they arrived.

to continue to fight against an enemy attack

The soldiers held out for eight days.

to be enough to last

Will our supplies hold out till the end of the month?
hold one’s own

to be as successful in a fight, argument etc as one’s opponent

tenir bon
His opponents tried to prove his arguments wrong but he managed to hold his own.
hold one’s tongue

to remain silent or stop talking

tenir sa langue
There were a lot of things I wanted to say, but I thought I’d better just hold my tongue.
hold up

to stop or slow the progress of

I’m sorry I’m late – I got held up at the office.

to stop and rob

attaquer (à main armée)
The bandits held up the stagecoach.
hold-up noun

vol à main armée
hold with

to approve of

He doesn’t hold with smoking.



power; influence

He has a strange hold over that girl.

(in wrestling etc) a manner of holding one’s opponent

The wrestler invented a new hold.


noun /həuld/

(in ships) the place, below the deck, where cargo is stored.


(Translation of “hold” from the PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)