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noun countablehole /hoʊl/
a deep hollow area in the ground
trou masculine

The children dug a huge hole in the sand.
Les enfants ont creusé un énorme trou dans le sable.

a rabbit hole
un terrier (de lapin)
a gap or opening
trou masculine , brèche feminine

a hole in the fence
une brèche dans la clôture

You have a hole in your pants.
Il y a un trou à ton pantalon.
in golf, one of the small round openings in the ground that players try to get the ball into
trou masculine

the ninth hole
le neuvième trou
in the hole
owing money; in debt
qui doit de l'argent notPredefined

We're $2,000 in the hole.
Nous en sommes de 2 000 $.

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noun /həul/

an opening or gap in or through something

a hole in the fence
There are holes in my socks.

a hollow in something solid

brèche; trou
a hole in my tooth
Many animals live in holes in the ground.

(in golf) (the point scored by the player who takes the fewest strokes to hit his ball over) any one of the usually eighteen sections of the golf course between the tees and the holes in the middle of the greens

He won by two holes
We played nine holes.
hole out verb

to hit a golfball into a hole.

envoyer la balle dans le trou
She holed out with a superb shot on the 15th.



to hit (a ball etc) into a hole

envoyer la balle dans le trou
The golfer holed his ball from twelve metres away.

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