Translation of "instruct" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiveinstruct /ɪnˈstrʌkt/ formal
to formally tell sb to do sth
donner pour instruction/consigne

The sergeant instructed them to guard the door.
Le sergent leur a donné pour consigne de monter la garde à l'entrée.
to teach sb a skill

The teacher instructs students in music theory.
Le professeur enseigne le solfège aux étudiants.

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verb /inˈstrakt/

to teach or train (a person in a subject or skill)

apprendre (qqch. à qqn)
Girls as well as boys should be instructed in woodwork.

to order or direct (a person especially to do something)

donner des instructions à
He was instructed to come here at nine o’clock
I have already instructed her how to cook the meat.
instruction /-ʃən/ noun

(in plural ) (a book etc giving) directions, eg about the use of a machine etc

Could I look at the instructions, please?

an order or direction

You must learn to obey instructions.

the act of instructing (especially in a school subject or a skill) or the process of being instructed

enseignement, instruction
She sometimes gives instruction in gymnastics.
instructive /-tiv/ adjective

giving knowledge or information

He gave an instructive talk about bee-keeping.
instructively adverb

d’une manière instructive
instructiveness noun

caractère instructif
instructor noun (feminine instructress)

a person who gives instruction (in a skill etc)

entraîneur, euse, moniteur/-trice
a driving instructor
a ski instructor.

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