Translation of "involve" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiveinvolve /ɪnˈvɒlv/
to consist of or include
impliquer , consister à

medical treatment that involves surgery
un traitement médical qui implique de la chirurgie

a video game that involves traveling through space
un jeu vidéo qui consiste à voyager dans l'espace
to affect or concern

This discussion does not involve you.
Cette discussion ne te concerne pas.
to allow to take part

It's important to involve children in the decision-making.
Il est important d'impliquer les enfants dans la prise de décision.

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verb /inˈvolv/

to require; to bring as a result

His job involves a lot of travelling.

(often with in or with) to cause to take part in or to be mixed up in

mêler (à)
He has always been involved in/with the theatre
Don’t ask my advice – I don’t want to be/get involved.
involved adjective


My time-table for Friday is becoming very involved.
involvement noun

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