Translation of "justice" - English-French dictionary


nounjustice /ˈdʒʌstɪs/
uncountable ≠injustice; fair and moral treatment of people
justice feminine

leaders calling for justice for the workers
des dirigeants en appelant à la justice pour les travailleurs
uncountable the legal process in which people are tried for crimes, conflicts are settled, and civil rights are protected
justice feminine

the justice system in the U.S.
le système judiciaire aux U.S.A.
bring sb to justice
to bring sb to be tried for a crime
traduire qqn en justice

promises that the killer would be brought to justice
des promesses que le tueur serait traduit en justice
countable a judge in the U.S.
juge masculine

the 9 Supreme Court Justices
les 9 juges de la Cour Suprême

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noun /ˈdʒastis/

fairness or rightness in the treatment of other people

Everyone has a right to justice
I don’t deserve to be punished – where’s your sense of justice?

the law or the administration of it

Their dispute had to be settled in a court of justice.

a judge

Justice Richardson will be overseeing the case.
bring to justice

to arrest, try and sentence (a criminal)

traduire en justice
The murderer escaped, but was finally brought to justice.
do (also justice / do justice to)

to treat fairly or properly

être juste envers
It would not be doing him justice to call him lazy when he’s so ill.

to fulfil the highest possibilities of; to get the best results from; to show fully or fairly

se montrer à sa juste valeur
I was so tired that I didn’t do myself justice in the exam.
in justice to (also to do, justice)

if one must be fair (to him, her etc)

pour être juste envers
To do her justice, I must admit that she was only trying to help when she broke the cup.

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