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verbkick /kɪk/
transitive-intransitive to hit with your foot
donner un coup de pied

He kicked the ball to his friend.
il lança le ballon à son ami.

He had been kicked in the face.
Il avait reçu des coups de pied au visage.

Don't kick. You'll hurt someone.
Ne donne pas de coups de pied. Tu vas blesser quelqu'un.
intransitive to move your legs around forcefully

The baby kicked in the bath water.
Le bébé gigotait dans l'eau du bain.
transitive to give up
kick the habit

I've been trying to kick the coffee habit.
J'ai essayé d'arrêter le café.
kick yourself
to regret doing or not doing
se gifler

I could have kicked myself for being so insensitive.
Je me serais giflé pour avoir été aussi insensible.

kick in

verb phrasalkick in [ ˈkɪk ˈɪn ]
to start to have an effect
commencer à faire efffet

The painkillers haven't kicked in yet.
Les analgésiques n'ont pas encore commencé à faire effet.

kick off

verb phrasalkick off [ ˈkɪk ˈɔf, ˈɒf ] informal
to start
commencer , démarrer

We kicked off the meeting with introductions.
Nous avons commencé la réunion

The game kicks off at 2p.m.
Le match démarre à 14h.

kick out

verb phrasalkick out [ ˈkɪk ˈaʊt ]
to force to leave
mettre dehors , informal virer

Calm down, or the manager will kick you out.
Calmez-vous ou le gérant va vous mettre dehors.

He'd been kicked out of the army.
Il avait été viré de l'armée.


noun countablekick /kɪk/
when you hit sth with your foot
coup masculine de pied

a nasty kick in the head
un méchant coup de pied à la tête
a sense of enjoyment and excitement
(exprime l'excitation et le plaisir) notPredefined
get a kick out of
prendre un malin plaisir à

They seem to get a kick out of tricking people.
Ils semblent prendre un malin plaisir à rouler les gens.

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verb /kik/

to hit or strike out with the foot

donner un coup de pied (à, dans)
The child kicked his brother
He kicked the ball into the next garden
He kicked at the locked door
She kicked open the gate.

(of a gun) to jerk or spring back violently when fired.

kick about/around

to treat badly or bully

The bigger boys are always kicking him around.
kick off (kick-off)

(donner le) coup d’envoi
kick up

to cause or start off (a fuss etc)

Don’t start kicking up a fuss.



the springing back of a gun after it has been fired.


a pleasant thrill

She gets a kick out of entertaining people.

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