Translation of "last" - English-French dictionary


adjectivelast /læst, lɑst/
≠first; final or at the end

the last book in the series
le dernier livre de la collection

It's the last house down there on the right.
C'est la dernière maison là-bas à droite.

He was last in the competition.
Il est arrivé dernier de la compétition.
≠next; previous or preceding

We were only kids last time we met.
Nous n'étions que des enfants la dernière fois que nous nous sommes rencontrés.

What was the last movie you saw?
Quel est le dernier film que tu aies vu ?

Where did you go on vacation last year?
Où êtes-vous allés en vacances l'année dernière ?
remaining after all others

the last sandwich on the plate
le dernier sandwich sur l'assiette

the last few surviving veterans of World War I
les quelques derniers vétérants survivants de la première guerre mondiale
the last minute/second
a time when it is almost too late
la dernière minute/seconde

Why did you wait until the last minute to call?
Pourquoi as-tu attendu la dernière minute pour appeler ?
the last person/thing
the person or thing you least want or expect
la dernière personne/chose

The last thing I need right now is a surprise visitor.
La dernière chose dont j'ai besoin maintenant, c' est d'un visiteur surprise.


adverblast /læst, lɑst/
≠first; happening or done after everything or everyone else
en dernier

We dropped Lola off last.
Nous avons déposé Lola en dernier.
≠next; happening or done most recently
la dernière fois

When did you last see the doctor?
Quand avez-vous vu un docteur pour la dernière fois ?
last but not least
indicates the person or thing about to be mentioned is as important as everything else
enfin et surtout

And last but not least, I'd like to thank my mother.
Et enfin mais surtout, je voudrais remercier ma mère.


nounlast /læst, lɑst/
the last
sb or sth that is last
le/la dernier/-ière

Don't use up the last of the milk.
N'utilise pas le restant de lait.

Dan was the last in line.
Dan était le dernier dans la file.
at (long) last
finally or in the end

At last, they're here!
Enfin, les voilà !


verblast /læst, lɑst/
intransitive to continue

My headache didn't last very long.
Mon mal de tête n'a pas duré très longtemps.

The staff meeting lasted for hours.
La réunion du personnel a duré des heures.

It's sunny now, but I doubt it'll last.
Il fait du soleil maintenant mais je doute que ça dure.
transitive-intransitive to be enough or continue to work

These batteries don't last long.
Ces piles ne durent pas longtemps.

The food we have should last us the whole week.
La nourriture que nous avons devrait nous faire toute la semaine.

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adjective /laːst/

coming at the end

We set out on the last day of November
He was last in the race
He caught the last bus home.

most recent; next before the present

Our last house was much smaller than this
last year/month/week.

coming or remaining after all the others

He was the last guest to leave.
lastly adverb


Lastly, I would like to thank you all for listening so patiently to what I have been saying.
at (long) last

in the end, especially after a long delay

Oh, there he is at (long) last!
hear/see etc the last of

to be finished with, be able to forget

en finir avec
You haven’t heard the last of this!
the last person

a person who is very unlikely or unwilling to do a particular thing, or to whom it would be unwise or dangerous to do a particular thing

le/la dernier, ière, les derniers, ières
I’m the last person to make a fuss, but you should have told me all the same
He’s the last person you should offend.
the last straw

a fact, happening etc which, when added to all other facts or happenings, makes a situation finally impossible to bear

la goutte qui fait déborder le vase
The last straw was when she borrowed my tennis racquet without asing and then broke it.
the last thing

something very unlikely, unwanted, not intended etc

la dernière chose que…
It’s the last thing you would think of looking for
The last thing I want is to hurt anyone.
the last word

the final remark in an argument etc

le dernier mot
She always must have the last word!

the final decision

le dernier mot
The last word rests with the chairman.

something very fashionable or up-to-date

le dernier cri
Her hat was the last word in elegance.
on one’s last legs

very near to falling down or collapsing with exhaustion, old age etc

au bout du rouleau
This old washing machine is on its last legs.
to the last

until the very end

jusqu’au bout
He kept his courage to the last.


verb /laːst/

to continue to exist

This situation lasted until she got married
I hope this fine weather lasts.

to remain in good condition or supply

This carpet has lasted well
The bread won’t last more than another two days – we’ll need to get some more
This coat will last me for years.
lasting adjective

A good education is a lasting benefit
last out

to be or have enough to survive or continue to exist (until the end of)

tenir, suffire
I hope the petrol lasts out until we reach a garage
They could only last out another week on the little food they had
The sick man was not expected to last out the night.

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