Translation of "light" - English-French dictionary


nounlight /laɪt/
uncountable brightness from the sun's rays or an electric light
lumière feminine

She read by the light of a small lamp.
Elle lisait à la lumière d'une petite lampe.

the light coming in through the curtains
la lumière entrant à travers les rideaux
countable an electrical device that produces brightness
lumière feminine

Turn the light on/off.
Allume/éteins la lumière.
the lights
all the lights in a particular room, building, etc.
la lumière

when the lights come on in the stadium
quand la lumière se fit sur le stade

Please turn off the lights.
Veuillez éteindre la lumière.
countable a traffic light
feu masculine

Turn right at the next light.
Tournez à droite au prochain feu.
singular a flame used to light a cigarette
feu masculine

Do you have a light?
Avez-vous du feu ?
come/bring to light
to become or make known
être mis/mise à jour

the way the banking scandal came to light
la manière dont le scandale bancaire a été mis à jour

The errors were brought to light in the report.
Les erreurs ont été mises à jour dans le rapport.
in light of
considering or because of
à la lumière de

In light of recent events, changes will be made.
A la lumière des événements récents, des modifications vont être faites.
light at the end of the tunnel
hope that a bad situation will end soon
la lumière au bout du tunnel

I have no money, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
Je n'ai pas d'argent et il ne semble pas y avoir la moindre lumière au bout du tunnel.
see the light
to finally realize or understand
entrevoir la lumière

Company bosses had finally seen the light with regard to improving working conditions.
Les patrons d'entreprise ont finalement entrevu la lumière en ce qui concerne l'amélioration des conditions de travail.
cast/throw/shed light on
to explain sth
jeter la lumière sur

Can anyone throw some light on what happened yesterday?
Quelqu'un pourrait-il jeter quelque lumière sur ce qui est arrivé hier ?
set light to
Brit to set fire to
mettre le feu à


adjectivelight /laɪt/
≠dark; bright from the sun or an electric light

It's not light enough to take pictures in here.
Il ne fait pas assez clair pour prendre des photos ici dedans.

In winter it gets light later in the morning.
En hiver il fait clair plus tard dans la matinée.
≠dark; pale in color
clair/claire , pâle

a light pink color
une couleur rose pâle

very light skin
peau très claire/pâle
≠heavy; low in weight

a light package
un paquet léger

light cotton material
tissu de coton léger
low in amount

a light supper/snack
un souper/en-cas léger
entertaining, not serious

light reading
lecture légère
( lite ) containing less fat or sugar than usual

light yogurt
yoghourt allégé
make light of
to treat sth as if it is not serious
traiter avec légèreté

She made light of their troubles.
Elle a traité leurs ennuis avec légèreté.


verblight /laɪt/ ( pt pp lit )
transitive-intransitive to make sth start burning

to light a match/candle
allumer une allumette/bougie
transitive to make bright with the sun, moon, or an electric light

The moon lit the room enough for her to see.
La lune éclairait assez la pièce pour qu'elle y voie.

light up

verb phrasallight up [ ˈlaɪt ˈʌp ]
(of sb's face or eyes) to suddenly look happy

The old man's eyes would light up when he spoke of the past.
Les yeux du vieil homme s'illuminèrent quand il parla du passé.
informal to put a flame to a cigarette in order to light it

He lit up a cigarette.
Il a allumé une cigarette.
(of a light) to come on

The red light on the phone lit up.
La lumière rouge sur le téléphone s'est allumée.

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noun /lait/

the brightness given by the sun, a flame, lamps etc that makes things able to be seen

It was nearly dawn and the light was getting stronger
Sunlight streamed into the room.

something which gives light (eg a lamp)

Suddenly all the lights went out.

something which can be used to set fire to something else; a flame

Have you got a light for my cigarette?

a way of viewing or regarding

He regarded her action in a favourable light.
lightness noun

lighten verb

to make or become brighter

The white ceiling lightened the room
The sky was lightening.
lighter noun

something used for lighting (a cigarette etc)

a disposable lighter.

a disposable lighter.
lighting noun

a means of providing light

The lighting was so bad in the restaurant that we could hardly see.
lighthouse noun

a building built on rocks, coastline etc with a (flashing) light to guide or warn ships.

light-year noun

the distance light travels in a year (nearly 9.5 million million kilometres).

bring to light

to reveal or cause to be noticed

mettre en lumière
The scandal was brought to light by the investigations of a journalist.
come to light

to be revealed or discovered

être découvert
The manuscript came to light in a box of books at an auction.
in the light of

taking into consideration (eg new information)

à la lumière de
The theory has been abandoned in the light of more recent discoveries.
light up

to begin to give out light

Evening came and the streetlights lit up.

to make, be or become full of light

She watched the house light up as everyone awoke.

to make or become happy

Her face lit up when she saw him
A sudden smile lit up her face.
see the light

to be born, discovered, produced etc

voir le jour
After many problems, his invention finally saw the light (of day).

to be converted to someone else’s point of view etc

He finally saw the light and became a vegetarian.

se convertir (à)
He finally saw the light and became a vegetarian.
set light to

to cause to begin burning

mettre le feu à qqch.
He set light to the pile of rubbish in his garden.



(of a colour) pale; closer to white than black

light green.


verb (past tense, past participle lit /lit/, lighted)

to (make something) catch fire

She lit the gas
I think this match is damp, because it won’t light.


adjective /lait/

easy to lift or carry; of little weight

I bought a light suitcase for plane journeys.

easy to bear, suffer or do

Next time the punishment will not be so light.

(of food) easy to digest

a light meal.

of less weight than it should be

trop léger de
The load of grain was several kilos light.

of little weight

Aluminium is a light metal.

lively or agile

au pas léger
She was very light on her feet.

cheerful; not serious

light music.

little in quantity; not intense, heavy, strong etc

light rain.

(of soil) containing a lot of sand.

lightly adverb

lightness noun

lighten verb

to make or become less heavy

She lightened her suitcase by taking out several pairs of shoes
The postman’s bag of parcels lightened as he went from house to house.
light-fingered adjective

inclined to steal things

The newsagent didn’t like having light-fingered schoolchildren in his shop.

The newsagent didn’t like having light-fingered schoolchildren in his shop.
light-headed adjective

dizzy and giddy

She felt rather light-headed after a second glass of wine.

She felt rather light-headed after a second glass of wine.
light-hearted adjective

happy and free from anxiety; not grave or serious

a light-hearted mood.
lightweight adjective

light in weight

a lightweight raincoat.
get off lightly

to escape or be allowed to go without severe punishment etc

He got off lightly with a small fine.

s’en tirer à bon compte
He got off lightly with a small fine.
make light of

to treat (problems etc) as unimportant.

She attempted to make light of the situation.

prendre à la légère
She attempted to make light of the situation.
travel light

to travel with little luggage.

voyager avec peu de bagages


verb /lait/ (past tense, past participle lit /lit/)

to find by chance

tomber par hasard sur qqch.
While wandering round the town, we lit on a very cheap restaurant.

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