Translation of "light" - English-French dictionary


noun /lait/

the brightness given by the sun, a flame, lamps etc that makes things able to be seen

It was nearly dawn and the light was getting stronger
Sunlight streamed into the room.

something which gives light (eg a lamp)

Suddenly all the lights went out.

something which can be used to set fire to something else; a flame

Have you got a light for my cigarette?

a way of viewing or regarding

He regarded her action in a favourable light.
lightness noun

lighten verb

to make or become brighter

The white ceiling lightened the room
The sky was lightening.
lighter noun

something used for lighting (a cigarette etc)

a disposable lighter.

a disposable lighter.
lighting noun

a means of providing light

The lighting was so bad in the restaurant that we could hardly see.
lighthouse noun

a building built on rocks, coastline etc with a (flashing) light to guide or warn ships.

light-year noun

the distance light travels in a year (nearly 9.5 million million kilometres).

bring to light

to reveal or cause to be noticed

mettre en lumière
The scandal was brought to light by the investigations of a journalist.
come to light

to be revealed or discovered

être découvert
The manuscript came to light in a box of books at an auction.
in the light of

taking into consideration (eg new information)

à la lumière de
The theory has been abandoned in the light of more recent discoveries.
light up

to begin to give out light

Evening came and the streetlights lit up.

to make, be or become full of light

She watched the house light up as everyone awoke.

to make or become happy

Her face lit up when she saw him
A sudden smile lit up her face.
see the light

to be born, discovered, produced etc

voir le jour
After many problems, his invention finally saw the light (of day).

to be converted to someone else’s point of view etc

He finally saw the light and became a vegetarian.

se convertir (à)
He finally saw the light and became a vegetarian.
set light to

to cause to begin burning

mettre le feu à qqch.
He set light to the pile of rubbish in his garden.

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