Translation of "logic" - English-French dictionary


noun uncountablelogic /ˈlɒdʒɪk/
the thought process used to solve a problem, and how reasonable it seems
logique feminine

I could see the logic of his solution.
Je voyais la logique de sa solution.

Could you explain the logic behind this?
Pourriez-vous expliquer la logique de ceci ?
the science of how ideas can be connected to explain things rationally
logique feminine

the principles of logic
les principes de la logique

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noun /ˈlodʒik/

(the study and art of) reasoning correctly.

logical adjective

(thinking or acting) according to the rules of logic

It is logical to assume that you will get a higher salary if you are promoted
She is always logical in her thinking.
logically adverb


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