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noun countablemap /mæp/
a drawing that shows all the features of a town, region, country, etc.
carte feminine , plan masculine

a map of the world
une carte du monde

I'll drive and you read the map.
Je vais conduire et tu lis la carte.


verb transitivemap /mæp/ ( mapping, mapped )
to make a map of a place
faire la carte de

Explorers mapped the area in detail.
Des explorateurs ont fait la carte détaillée de la région.
to find and record the positions of the different parts of sth
faire le relevé

They have mapped the locations of genes.
Ils ont fait le relevé des emplacements des gènes.

map out

verb phrasalmap out [ ˈmæp ˈaʊt ]
to plan

He had mapped out his whole future.
Il avait planifié tout son avenir.

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noun /mӕp/

a drawing or plan, in outline, of (any part of) the surface of the earth, with various features shown (usually roads, rivers, seas, towns etc)

a map of the world
a road map.

a similar type of drawing showing eg the surface of the moon, the position of the stars in the sky etc.

map out

to plan (a route, course of action etc) in detail

(se) tracer
They carefully mapped out their route before setting off.

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