Translation of "means" - English-French dictionary


nounmeans /minz/
means of
a way or method of doing sth
moyen masculine de

There was no other means of escape.
Il n'y avait pas d'autre moyen de s'échapper.

Hunting was their only means of survival.
Chasser était leur seul moyen de survivre.
plural the money sb earns and has available to spend
moyens masculine plural

We don't have the means to buy a bigger property.
Nous n'avons pas les moyens d'acheter une plus grande propriété.
by all means
spoken indicates you give sb permission to do sth
je t'/vous en prie

"Could I sit here?" "By all means."
"Puis-je m'asseoir ici ?" "Je vous en prie."
by no means/ not by any means
not in any way
loin de

This is by no means as good as I had expected it to be.
C'est loin d'être aussi bon que je l'espérais.

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noun singular or plural /miːnz/

the instrument(s), method(s) etc by which a thing is, or may be, done or made to happen

By what means can we find out?
by all means

yes, of course

If you want to use the telephone, by all means do.
by means of


au moyen de
We escaped by means of a secret tunnel.
by no means

definitely not

certainement pas
‘Can I go home now?’ ‘By no means!

(also not by any means) not at all

I’m by no means certain to win.


noun plural /miːnz/

money available or necessary for living etc

moyens, ressources
She’s a person of considerable means.
a man of means

a wealthy or rich man.

homme très aisé

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